Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PW2 {restyle} grandpa night shirt > dress

hello spring dress, welcome to your new life~~

i know you won't miss your life as a grandpa's night shirt~~

(at least, one would expect not...!)

here's how i thrift for restyles:

my first rule of restyling:
{see the potential}
this night shirt was great quality, well constructed, cute pattern and i really liked the neckline. the fact that it is a mens night wear is irrelevant.

my second rule of restyling:
{be inspired}
a LOT of items have potential, but can you visualise exactly what you will do to it? are you bursting to get home and try it?
if not, then chances are it will join the pile of 'Restyles To-Do' (and never get done!)

{this outfit kinda cracks me up - today was so beautiful that it seems like i couldn't decide if it was winter (bottom half) or summer (top half!!) ha}

details:: this was dead easy - i cut off the sleeves and zoomed up the side seams on an angle to where i wanted my arm holes to be (the lines from the checks made it really easy to keep things even!). i changed the buttons and used a sleeve for a feature pocket on the front (using the sleeve cuff across the top, saving even more time *wink*)

feel free to link up some restyles in the comments, i'd love to see.



  1. excellent idea! love all of your dresses, beautiful style. :)

  2. Ahhhh, love party week. This is inspired Dee, from now on I will be looking in the nightwear sections of oppies too!

  3. this is gorgeous! I think I need to head to the op shop tomorrow to search for some things to restyle! I'm so inspired!

  4. Awesome! love the summer top and winter bottom:D

  5. UM, you did it again! That is really cool, the fabric is great!! x

  6. Love it!! That neckline is great, and the fabric too. Great spotting! :)

  7. Love it so much!! There is an awesome restyle group in flickr... do you post your ones there? Love love love!!

  8. indeed I am loving it !! !!
    the playgroup/church op shop is even putting aside stained cotton items for me for FREE to use for quilting - how cool is that!

  9. You really do have an eye for it. I would never have picked up a Grandpa nightie, but now I want to go looking!

  10. You are so clever. Makes me want to go oppshopping :)

  11. your blog is so cute!:) found it on project restyle!

  12. I absolutely love this! So inspiring.

  13. so cute! Thank you for the inspiration!


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