Wednesday, August 31, 2011

seoul food

in 2001, armed with 4 years of studying English, linguistics and TESOL, JR and i headed over to South Korea.
talk about learning curve! woah~
especially the food.
 oh boy, it took me awhile to get used to but now, 8 years (eight years?!!) later i still really, really miss it.
but ex-colleague sent me the link to this website: aeri's kitchen

she has recipes for almost EVERY Korean dish AND a video tutorial on how to prepare it!
including my favourite:
HODDOK - which is usually sold at stalls on the street, especially during winter.
so, i had a go and made some for myself~

see that little pocket in the middle??? that is filled with brown sugar and cinnamon.

duuude. so sweet and chewy.

here's the video tutorial, you really should try it.


  1. Yummy...I went to Korea in 2002 and spent two years there, hard to believe it was so long ago now!!

    I have a 5kg bucket of gochujang in my fridge at all times for Korean food emergencies ;)

  2. Those look delicious. *bookmarking for next trimester* heh.

  3. Thanks for the video tutorial! These sound delicious. Our niece was born in Korea and we have had the chance to try some Korean food with her. I can't wait to make these!

  4. Oh wow....they look so good right now.

  5. WOW my brother has been living in South Korea for 4 years now - armed with English and Linguistics, currently doing his masters. I wonder if he'll ever come 'home' or if Korea is now 'home'.
    I'm going to give these a try

  6. These look super yummy!! Will give them a whirl. Thanks!!

  7. They look super yummy! Thanks for the linky :) x

  8. thank you for this link! awesome. i too was in south korea maybe just a year before you- and i agree, major learning curve!

  9. ok so the food looks delish! (i have been making homemade thai food as of late) but I am a tad obsessed with that napkin/placemat you have. orange crochet? yes please.

  10. Complete drool!! Oh how do I miss Korean food!!! Your hoddok looks delicious. It's also one of my favorites.


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