Thursday, August 25, 2011

swap spies

Rosa-May is a spy. either that or she employs some.
she was my swap partner for the vintage kitchen swap that Stella organised and now i'm checking for hidden cameras...

for example, how'd she know i'd just picked (yes, picked. not pruned) some rose hips yesterday that looked JUST like the ones on the plate she sent??

 and how'd she know i'd only just stumbled across a delicious bundle of duraware this week in the exact same colours as the plates she sent...?

but, ha! i foiled her spies on this one...she thought i was after a cute little butter roller thingie, turns out i was just wanted someone to do the dishes so i could have a clean knife...;)

(i'll still take the roller thingie though, it IS pretty cute. better learn how to make scones now so i can use it!!)

thanks Rosa-May!!

wished someone else would be a little more subtle with his 'spying' ways:

he suddenly decides his sole purpose in life is to be my personal foot warmer every night when i am preparing dinner!
worse than a cat!

(and check out that 36 week-esque KNOW i'd be sucking it in if i could, but i have a grand canyon where tummy muscles should be remember?)



  1. Very nice vintage delights :)

  2. Awwww! What a cute foot warmer, beautiful bump!

  3. GORGEOUS bump and amazing vintage gifts. LOVE the rose hips

  4. I love duraware. I really regret leaving an awesom set in a opshop a few months ago, priced at $20. Just couldn't afford it... yet it HAUNTS me!
    Also I am very jealous of your gorgeous bump. but you know that... xx

  5. Hahaha... I have a personal foot warmer too! Frustrating isn't it? Though we'll probably wish for it once they're grown. Great swap goodies :)

  6. lovely gift, and cute footwarmer!Hmm, so thats what a butter roller looks like, I'm going to look out for one of those!

  7. Funny I have a foot warmer at home too!

  8. Your foot warmer is delightful!! So is that baby bump :)

  9. Your swap parcel is just lovely! What a coinky dink!
    Also, your bump is absolutely darling. Exactly how many weeks are you now? I have a sneaking suspcision my puku is going to be massive this time too, already not able to hold it in anymore!

  10. Baby bump and precious foot warmer is the best ever!! Enjoy your blogs!! Congrats on baby #5. I am just a bit jealous :) Always wanted a big family - I am an only child with an only child.


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