Monday, August 22, 2011

a waiharakeke week

we spent all last week at my parents' home on the west coast (that's the view from their living room, and yes, my dad is building another Jeep!). my mum prepared 3 hot meals a day for us and didn't let me set foot in the kitchen for the whole week. i was spoilt was bliss!

when i was a new-ish mum, i used to think that if my mum helped me with something, it meant she thought i wasn't doing a good enough job.
WELLLL, i got over that matured and realised she was loving me by doing things for me, not judging me (i would do the same for my kids) and now she is MORE than welcome to do my ironing, weed my garden and wash my windows!! (she does all of those...often!)

we finished the week off with a cute little wedding on Sunday afternoon...

they walked out to this brilliant song by Mumford and Sons...there is nothing to watch but turn it up REAL LOUD, grab the nearest kiddo and giddy-dance til you collapse giggling.
it's nice to be back,
enjoy~ X


  1. Looks (and sounds) like you had a great time and what a beautiful wedding!

    I have a super - duper awesome Mum too. She even thanks me for giving her the opportunity to change her grand babies nappies (I'm not complaining!)

    Welcome back
    Jen x

  2. That wedding looks beautiful.. roses and doilies..just perfect. x

  3. what a view!
    what a Mum!
    what a pretty wedding!
    what a song!

    p.s. that's a Mum's spoil her kiddos x

  4. I used to feel guilty for not helping.... but I now have the understanding that she's just being a mum :) gorgeous view.... and it looked liked a lovely wedding.

  5. OK seriously how do I get a Mum like that?!
    How fantastic to be spoilt and to have time away


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