Monday, October 31, 2011

as halloween as we get

halloween is kinda new in NZ and it hasn't graduated past witches and skeletons into the nationwide dress-up party it is in the US.
and so, our church hosts a light party as an alternative to grim reapers scrounging lollies and this year's theme was 'Candy Land'.
 these are our (ahem)"costumes":

you don't 'get' it?

i'll share my exact thought process to clarify:

candy land...candy canes...candy canes have stripes..we have clothes with stripes... *bingo!*
i promise that's it! yup, lay-zeeeee~

(oh, and don't feel bad for Monte, he loves a chance to wear the babylegs , hehe)


  1. cute as! you kinda remind me of licorice allsorts too!

  2. super dooper cute
    we had one lot of trick or treaters come knocking on our door
    apart from the spookiness of halloween which scares the beejevus out of my lil miss - I just find it weird celebrating an autumn harvest festival in spring! I'd rather be dancing around may poles LOL

  3. i LOVE stripes this pic is toooo sweet

  4. I gotcha :) I was mentioning to someone today that halloween is not really celebrated by Kiwis, here is Oz it seems to be quite big though :)

  5. Sound like my kinda costume (kid's dress-ups make me nervous with all the work and planning involved!). Very cute! We have never really done halloween, as it has only become more popular here in the last few years. I even saw carving pumpkins in the supermarket the other day. But no trick or treaters to be seen.

  6. I just found your blog and I've fallen in love!


  7. Gorgeous family pic, I'm loving the stripes!


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