Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{dee.i.y} how to fake a quilt

i so badly wanted title this post "how to FAKE an American quilt..." but, a) i haven't seen the movie and b) it isn't especially "American"
so it's just going to have to be, "how to make fake a quilt"

for her new 'room' Jada requested that her area have "lots of sewn stuff" and blue. so i thought i'd try my hand at making her a new patchwork duvet (dooner, comforter) cover.
long straight lines and numbers and me don't mix very well so i think this is about close to quilting as i'll get!!

the embroidered pieces are taken from an exquisite hand embroidered tablecloth. i hated to cut it up but i think this will be the best way to show it off.

i joined the pieces in rows, then overlocked and top-stitched (for added strength)before joining the rows together.
i did french seams around the sides and 3 buttons at the opening end.

so if you're like me and break into a sweat at the thought of cutting and piecing a quilt, this might be your next best option.
my hat is well and truly off to the real quilters :)


PS tomorrow i have an extra special guest blogger showing you a very cool project. see you then~x


  1. It looks great, job well done.
    A quilt is at the top of my 'to sew' list, and you've just provided a huge bit of inspiration to get it happening. x

  2. That has turned out lovely, and alot less hassle than a quilt... but just as beautiful and full of charm. I love making quilts, but it takes me years to finish them, this is a great solution for my other kids beds :)

  3. Gorgeous! I love how the rows are slightly staggered. And the addition of the doilys etc is super sweet. I am going to make a quilt/duvet cover soon, and have so many ideas swirling round in my head its hard to settle on one!

  4. you've done a super dooper job and made blue look extremely pretty and girlie and I love love love the vintage look :)
    Well done you xxx

  5. it came out great! Sounds like Jada has great taste ;o) x

  6. so lovelt Dee, I made one similar but then appliquied a rocet on for Micah this year, and have one similar pieced out for aim is to make one for everyone...with an open ended date on it! (like before they leave home!!) hehee

  7. Yup! Totally intimidated by the accuracy involved in making a quilt. I mean do straight 1/4 inch seams really exist? Not in this house, that's for sure!!!

  8. Oh Dee, that is gorgeous! You are a clever cookie, I especially love the beautiful colours xx(jen)

  9. thanks dee! you have well inspired me to give the 'quilting' thing a try! :)

  10. totally gorgeous!!! I love the idea of making a duvet cover and it looks every bit a pretty as a quilt. And will be easier to wash.
    Love the colour too!

  11. Stunning...what a wonderfull sweetie wanting 'lot's of sewn stuff' (ox) I have a tri-pillow case that matches your blue should whip me up a cover to match

  12. Even your version sounds too tricky for me, so I take my hat off to YOU! Looks great though - I bet she loves it!

  13. Can I just say that I think your AWSOME and love your work you inspire me as do all the mama's out there doing their creative thing! I am one, represent for the north island, Grey Lynn, Auckland, (yes I'm a JAFA) so congrats on your amazing work !!!! xxxx

  14. Aww Jada is such a sweetheart wanting a bunch of 'sewn stuff'. I bet she is stoked with her new-look bedding, I think anyone would be actually.
    I especially love the wee round placemats sewn on the top - the perfect finishing touch.

  15. One word E X Q U I S I T E !!

    I so love this cover, it is stunning and definitely something I think I can do too :)


  16. Hi Dee, I've just come across your blog recently and am inspired by your wonderful creations! Making a quilt is on my want-to-do list. It's beautiful. Hopefully one day I can master even the fake quilt :)


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