Thursday, October 13, 2011

{dee.i.y} leather feather belt/necklace

i really hope you're enjoying party week and not thoroughly sick of me hogging your google reader!
if you follow me on twitter, you will have seen a sneak peek of today's dee.i.y... i really love how it turned out. i hope you do too~

::how to::
 ::draw up a template of your feather and trace the outline on  to your leather (i used these boots. yum!). i made one feather slightly smaller than the other::

::using scissors cut around the traced lines and using a craft knife cut a thin line down the middle of your feather::

::cut a small slit at the top of your feather and insert your long piece of leather. tie a knot on both sides of the feather to secure it. repeat on the other side (so you should have a feather on either end of a length of thin leather)::

::then wear, as a necklace::

::or a belt::

(the hand on my hip is hiding my 'muffin tops'! mmhmm, tricks of the trade.../wink)

pretty cute preg belly decor, no?

i'll be back later with another 'how-to' from an adorable guest poster, that includes a VIDEO!! so excited (you should be too!)



  1. Wow that is awesome, Im totally making one... today! Nice to meet you too, love your blog- isnt it weird that we live in the same country and 'find' each other by chance in the blogisphere?? Janette xx

  2. I like the feathers over your growing belly!

  3. awesome! And muffin top pffft whatever! Interesting to know that in one Australian dictionary it was 2006 word of the year - thanks Wikipedia... and you Dee for this awesome tut :)

  4. EEEEEEE bump necklace.
    That is all.

  5. that bump is super dooper sweet and I LOVE the repurposing of the boots - you're so clever xxx

  6. but bro... why aren't you standing on your chair looking for mice??


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