Wednesday, October 26, 2011

an EX-shy guy

i finally got organised and booked Monte into kindy. today was his first day:

(as well as what he wore, we'll never forget that Monte was also going through a phase of putting his hands down the back of his pants when he began kindy! awesome.)

with his support crew:

being a home schooling family we have to do everything together. this is often awkward and the opposite of easy. and honestly i was dreading piling the troops out of the car to take Monte into kindy today (i mean, who does that??) but then i see this picture, and am really grateful that he had His Team with him to share his first day.
Jada and Ty both went to this kindy so they had a great time showing him around (and reminiscing!)

remember this kid?? the excrutiatingly shy one who wore sunglasses to family christmas so no one would "see" him? well, he ROCKED it today. in fact, he's been rocking it so much for the last 6 months that it is sometimes hard to remember just how shy he used to be (how shy? painfully, frustratingly.)

and so, my advice to mums with shy babes? consider their age and patience may just be your best cure :)



  1. Your children look just like you! So sweet x

  2. I love your littlest holding his arm in support - thats just the sweetest thing!!!
    Beautiful children and obviously very close.

  3. SO cute! I've got one of those - bursting into tears when everyone is staring at them by their birthday cake. So good to know that they do grow more confident, and a support crew definitely helps!!

  4. Aw so lovely to see. I remember also your lovely supportive comments back earlier in the year when I was also worried about shyness with our oldest and in the past six months he has grown so confident..age and patience has indeed been the ticket :-)

  5. The whole whanau.....awesome-ness! Loving it xx

  6. I shall remember two things from this blog post - one that my shy boy will outgrow it (hopefully, since his Mama never has) and two - stop and think how the homeschooling Mama at playgroup is feeling with her 5 kids . . . .

  7. Glad to hear he is coming out of his shell. F is too... He is actually pleasant to strangers now instead of yelling or screaming because he doesn't want them to talk to him! Yay! :o)

    ((also - I hope you're bringing the team with you when you come over ~~ Finny would love to play!)) x

  8. Big day! Wow.

    And Esky is so similar, in this respect. I can already see her changing - speaking up more loudly, burying her face less.

  9. LOVE Danny's arm reaching out! awwwww!!!
    Boot's is a reformed shy babe, now I'm convinced she's destined for the stage!

  10. What made you decide to put him in kindy? Just wondering because we want to homeschool and my daughter is kindy age next year so am thinking about it.


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