Saturday, October 15, 2011

{giveaway} WINNERS~~!

mmm, Saturday morning...

i always feel like i've been a mega personal-space invader after party week but i hope you've had some fun.

onto the winners:

giveaway #1: custom portrait winner:

giveaway #2: bow headband & ring winner:

giveaway #3: Silverlight earrings:


I also did some spying on a lot of you through the week because i had this special spot prize for anyone who had put my button up for the week:
(i don't like to bribe, but am happy to reward :) )

i found 2 blogs who had used my button:
thank you ladies for taking the time to add my button to your sidebar. you have each won one of my dolly head necklaces.
(sorry if you did and i didn't spot it X)

thank you to everyone who commented and made party week the fun that it was - especially our generous giveaway-ers.

enjoy your weekend~


  1. Hey, that's me! How exciting to win something!!

  2. Whoop, Whoop! I was so proud of myself for managing to get it up too because I'm useless at that sort of stuff. Thanks Dee for another awesome party week and congratulations to all the winners and the lovely sponsors. x Miriam x makeitgiveit(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. I won I won! For just checking in frequently and sending my readers your way! can't wait to wear a dolly head!

    I sent an email to your gmail account with my details

    Thanks Dee!

  4. Yeehaaa!! thanks so much Dee!!! I never win ANYTHING!!

  5. Wow, I can't believe it's over already. My kid's favorite part of party week was your awesome guest poster! They are ready to make some happy hanging sticks of their own.


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