Wednesday, October 19, 2011

handy mummy

just because i sew, it doesn't mean i exclusively sew.
and just because i'm married to a mega-talented furniture-maker, doesn't mean he's the only one who knows how to use a drill (and a saw and a plane, in this case).

yep, i made a height-assisting, toilet-training stool from some bits n pieces of wood i found laying around.

the design brief included:
::sturdiness:: i didn't want kiddos toppling in the middle of their 'business'.
::subtleness:: previously we have used regular stools, but they are bulky and interfere with my business (and when you're talking about someone who left their pelvic floor muscles somewhere around their 2nd pregnancy, you don't want any interference. alright?) solution (click to enlarge if very interested):

very sturdy.
very stowable.
very self-cleaning.

(ok, maybe not the last. but wouldn't it be nice?) 

do you sneak into your guy's toolbox while he's at work and make stuff? 
it's kinda fun huh:)


  1. Brilliant idea! I'm sooooo stealing!
    Like you, although an avid sewist, I've become a bit of a DIY'er in most areas. Digging out and laying congrete bases for our summer house and shed. Building compost boxes and raised vegetable beds. Assembling said summerhouse and shed. Laying floors, lino etc. It's actually a bit addictive once you start!

  2. ah its so cute!! and you made it look so cool with the little painted feet on it!
    Yes, I regularly 'borrow' things from my hubby's tool kit.... he always knows who to complain to if he can't find them again in the future..oops!

  3. I use my hubby's jewellery pliers all the time! all of them :) Get into a bit of trouble though.

  4. Dee you are so awesome. It's the measuring for activities like that that leave me a bit uninspired but I can proudly say I have spent more at Mitre10 buying varnish (water and enamel), paint, sandpaper, PVA and a staple gun this year than I have on fabric. It makes me feel so 'hard-core'!

  5. NIce use of the square drive (?) screws! My lovely got one of those power tool packs a while back fro work & it came with a mini cordless drill...this is now MY drill & lives in MY tool cupbord (our old meat safe in the kitchen!) But when I need my drill bits...hmmmm...they seem to find there way into his tool box...which is in his work truck...not very handy when trying to do DIY before he gets home from work & freaks! ;)

  6. As a toilet training granny I so need one of those.Boys are so hard to teach well this boy is anyway lol

  7. Brilliant!! and an idea I am so stealing for my little man :)

    I had to chuckle at the pelvic floor comment..that's me in a nutshell :p

    Yes and when you figure out the self cleaning business let us know.


  8. genius you are. and yes i have been known to borrow from the tool kit. usually when i get frustrated and want things done NOW and resort to doing it myself. but if sewing scissors are ever borrowed from my kit... then there's trouble!

    rachel x

  9. fantastic idea! I can totally relate with the bench getting in the way of the grownups' business. Love your solution!

  10. very cool. You should patent that one!

  11. I LOVE this idea! Looks really cute - well done you!

  12. now we don't have trouble with *reaching* the loo, more aiming *in* the loo ~~ if you could find a solution for all the wee on the floor, then I'll be a happy lady ;o)


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