Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Make my Week #41 - All Black doll!!

if you know anything about rugby you will know that NZ have just hosted and WON the world cup. it's been a fun 7 weeks supporting our All Blacks team to their victory.

because of this, it has been extra rad to make an order i had for a custom early 80s style All Black doll - (you know, back when the tops weren't spray painted on and the collars were real not implied? and all the players had lamb chop sideburns with handlebar moustaches?) - a Murray Mexted-ish doll to be precise.

and like any typical world-cup winning sportsman, here he is chatting up the ladies before he headed off to his new home in Qatar:

i made 2 more All Blacks similar to this guy for my shop, so keep an eye out on facebook or twitter for first alerts on when they'll be added.



  1. ha ha Murray Mexted went to my high school (well obviously much before my time!) An awesome doll!

  2. Hehe, when I first saw the photo old Murray came to mind. Totally cute!

    Wasn't the final a nail biting one?


  3. You did such a great job of Murray! ;)

  4. I really would like one Dee if you feel the need to do a custom order. Boy or girl our number 3 will need a reminder it was born the year we won the world cup. I'm thinking a Richie doll? Think you're up for it? :)

  5. Want Need Want Need Want Need !!
    Watching your shop

    ps: I was contacted by a Waikato blogger today looking for fellow Waikato bloggers .. .. ..

  6. I've been following your blog for a bit now, but don't think I've ever commented! I have the same lovely group of kiddos, too, only mine are 3 boys, then a girl :o) No number #5...yet!

    LOVE your dolls!!! I make and sell dolls, too, and just wanted to send out a friendly doll maker "hello!" If you are interested in seeing mine you can visit my blog http://www.hiddeninmyheartdolls.blogspot.com/

    Have a blessed day!

  7. haha! that is too cute! i had been supporting the all blacks from way over in the states all by my lonesome while everyone else was amped about "football". after the world cup was over i had trouble taking other sports seriously...


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