Monday, February 28, 2011

a postpone post

thrifted lightshade

like most of you, i spent last week in a bit of a daze so not much was made. although i do almost have something (quite exciting!) to show you, it's just not quite finished yet...and i have 20ish coming for dinner so nothing is getting done today either! hopefully i'll be able to reveal on wednesday?

thrifted laightshade

instead i'll show you pics of my new thrifted lightshade. oh my!
don't be concerned on JR's behalf...Danny sleeps in a corner of our room so we usually go to bed in the dark so it could potenitally be months or years before he'll notice the doily-like covering on the light!! (hopefully~~)

thrifted lightshade

in the meantime, take a look at what Cait at CHD made over the weekend. she even designed the pattern herself!

she's genius (and also a real life friend...lucky me!)

Friday, February 25, 2011

made my week #7

this has been a hard week for little old NZ.
but i think we're doing fantastically, don't you?
so proud of our tiny little island country and how we've rallied. and worked. and supported. and mourned. and
carried on.

these are some of the moments that have anchored me this week:

made my week #7

clockwise from top left:
Ty snuck a couple of photos on my camera;
Jada reading some Enid Blyton on our deck (and yes, this totally counts as "schoolwork" in my book!);
this photo completely cracks me up;
vintage NZ coffee mug appreciation.

made my week #7

clockwise from top left:
this country, NZ, is (still) so beautiful;
when we lived abroad i realised that NZ's blue skies have my heart entirely;
my home = these people;
do you ever have flash-forwards of your kids? i swear Ty looks at least 10 in this photo...

and if you're still feeling a little blue check out Paisley Jade's post today it's gold.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


it's been a weird kind of a birthday.

with the horror of yesterday's earthquake in Christchurch it didn't really seem right to be too celebratory.
instead, it's been a day of deep, deep gratitude.

especially for these precious people:

i often wonder (and by 'wonder' i don't mean, ponder or consider, i mean WONDER - as in "n. awe, astonishment, surprise, or admiration; a marvel") how i get to be here. with this husband, and these children, living this life, in this place.

and so, our Birthday Season is over for another year.

Monday, February 21, 2011

sleeping like babies (ha!)

sleeping like a babyAlign Center

sleeping like a baby

sleeping like a baby

sleeping like a baby

(hoping that all these sleeeeepy photos inspire some zzzz's tonight!)


Make my Week #7 - Reversible Boy Bag

my night was broken up into five 90 minute 'naps' last night so this one will be short n sweet :)

last week i made a reversible messenger style bag for my nephew's 7th birthday present.
he's a southern man-in-the-making and is already a keen deer hunter. so...a hunting bag it was!

Make my week #7 - boy bag

handy for all sorts of hunting-man's paraphernalia.

make my week #7 - boy bag

judging by the shape of the nose, you'd be forgiven for thinking this is a boar with antlers. it is, of course, supposed to be a stag roaring. i am not so good at "drawing" with my machine!!

your turn now. what did you make last week???

Saturday, February 19, 2011

organised home - vege garden makeover

this week, i took the liberty of extending Megan's challenge beyond the indoor-life.
(oh the shame of these photos!)

garden makeover

garden makeover

2 hours and haystack pile of weeds later i rediscovered my:

tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, potatoes, some struggling brassicas...and even some strawberries!

Friday, February 18, 2011

what i wore

$1 handmade thrift dress

i recieved a text from JR yesterday asking us to meet him for lunch. hurrah! my fave kind of text :)

i wore this dress - $1 & handmade.

i raised the hem (a little too short?? oops!)

incidentally my fringe is recovering from the same kind of "oops" about FIVE weeks ago now - grow faster fringe, grow faster!!!

MADE my week #6

How I keep reaching through time’s relentless current to pluck out a moment, to hold, to own, now, bringing it close to lips, to breathe life into it, to keep the now forever alive, refusing to let it become but a memory, stiff and lifeless.
But time is wet, slippery, elusive….gone and carried on. ...
I catch nothing. Ever.
Foaming, roaring, racing, the torrent sweeps all away, and I am left with river stones, memorials worn smooth by all that once rushed by.

how does she do that?

Ann Voskamp.

when i first came across her blog i did an internal eyeroll - another Everything-is-Peachy-Perfect white middle class christian American woman - and yet, hers are now the posts i savour for the last. and linger over when the house is the stillest.

she writes (exactly) my heart every single week.
(and i have no idea how she does it.)

and so, this week. as i have let new goals slip and given old, unwanted (but easy!) habits free reign, and not recorded One.Single.Moment! she wrote yesterday about life not being an emergency and then tonight about how a mother can make peace with time.

i'm not kidding, i can only just resist the urge to cut and paste her entire post.
(the very words of my own my desperate heart)

And this is the only way to slow now down, to slow time down: it’s only when I fully enter into now, that the weight of being fully here can slow time down.
Full attentiveness is the only thing that slows time. Catches time.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

go on, ask!

i've been meaning to do a FAQ page

but i don't actually have any FAQs!

is there anything
you've ever wondered?
you're curious about?
would love to know?

go ahead, ask!

(and while you're at it, feel free to die with me over the (very cheap!)NZ kowhai Crown Lynn coffee cups that found me today!!)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"it's just a phase"

Jada's birthday Field Trip

in lieu of a party for Jada, we rounded up a few of her Prairie-lovin girlfriends and booked a whole Historic Village for the morning yesterday.

Jada's Birthday Field Trip

talk about dreams come true!
this kid was giddy!
(she even took her own "slate board" we had made by painting blackboard paint in an old photo frame)

Jada's Birthday Field Trip

for some, the enthusiasm waned after awhile:

2011 couldn't stay away for long though...

Jada's birthday field trip

that's JR in the hat showing the boys some video footage from Saturday night's Nitro Circus show on his phone!!

anyone want to know how to make a bonnet? i 'm a pro now...*weak smile*

Monday, February 14, 2011

make my week #6 - custom dolls

on the 10th of Feb it would have been this bright, shining star's 25th birthday:


instead, by my daughter's age she had already lived with leukemia for a year. and in fact, would only live another three.

so on Thursday, the kids and i drove out to her parents' house (where we got married) and surprised them for morning tea.

as a gift i made this doll, using the fabric from one of Claire's dresses:

Claire's Doll

while making the Claire Doll, i also accepted 2 other custom orders:



what did you make this week?
(PS. Happy Valentine's Day!)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

12 years!!!

on thursday i happened to be back at the place we got married.
it was in a paddock on a neighbour's farm.

i thought it'd be fun to take a picture by the same barn door...12 years on.

some things haven't changed...the bouffant hair and the white dress!

...and the joy of being married to this guy, who is now the (amazing) father of my children also.

xox happy anniv! xox

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

MADE my week #5

so many precious, beautiful moments.
(and yet...still so many surrendered to busy-ness and the To-Do)

But this: Ty bringing a hen over to Danny and telling him all about it.

made my week #5make my week #5

And this: a full-circle fluffy ring

make my week #5

And especially this: a new trick which left those of us inside with tears streaming down our faces.
(farewell Clean Windows~)

mademy week #5

And always, always this: a world with so much beauty that at times i cannot breathe. (and that our circumstances mean me and my children are able to live, enjoy, visit this beauty)

made my week #5
made my week #5
made my week #5

These moments were stolen, redeemed, appreciated, inhaled and lived this week.

Busy-ness and the To-Do didn't get them all.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

birthday portrait

over the weekend we...
claimed a large piece of plywood laying about in the shed.

JR bday present 2011

and foraged for long-forgotten (it's hasn't gone hard? bonus!) pots of test paints.

JR bday present

we enlarged some V.I.Peeps ,
mixed up some "flesh" colour paint
and declared the workshop to be Out-of-Bounds for certain birthdaying dads.

JR bday present 2011

the birthday boy stood back
while his girl-child ceremoniously unveiled his gift.

JR bday present 2011

happy birthday Dad/Jeremy
"you have no idea..." xO

the text at the bottom is (what i hope to be) Hebrew for "little flock". it is for him to hang in his (ugly, ahem!) office at church while he is at work caring for another, larger "flock".

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

and the winner is...

Thanks for your beautiful (and hilarious!) valentine's day memories.
to be honest V Day doesn't get a moment's thought around here. As you may have noticed we're having a whole BUNDLE of birthdays at the moment which wear out the gift-giving urge (and the wallet!) and also, our wedding anniversary is on the day before valentine's day so it kinda takes preference :)

but! without further ado...

the names were hand written on little pieces of paper.
folded at least 5 times over by chubby 3 year old boy fingers.
placed in a stainless steel mixing bowl.
drawn by the same chubby boy fingers with eyes squished shut.
to reveal the winner as being...

thanks everyone else for playing


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Guest Giveaway!

look at these adorable fabric postcards!

vday cloth postcards

vday cloth postcards
these are made by my super-talented mother and are able to be sent through the post...even internationally.
aren't they just perfect for Valentine's Day?
i have put the cards above in my shop to sell on her behalf...
but this one below i'm going to give one away to one lucky commentor

vday cloth postcard
giveaway is only open for **ONE DAY** and closes at 1pm (NZT) on Wednesday 9th February.

tell me your favourite valentine's day memory in a comment and i will draw a winner tomorrow at 1pm. please make sure i have your email address so i can contact you.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Make my Week #5 - Table Play House

i made this for Jada's birthday using vintage sheets. it fits on our dining table (which is a bit pointless really because it is NEVER EVER void of objects!)

table tent
i thought i had a better picture of this but i didn't so you'll have to wait for another day for a full shot.
ETA: more pics (i knew i had some somewhere!!)

Make my week #5

make my week #5
after making it, i pretty much vowed never to sew anything large scale again in my life!!!

(if you think you'd fancy making one, just google "card table playhouse" and let your imagination sooooaaaarrr~~)

so...what'd YOU make?? xO

PS something special is being given away at lil magoolie today. eeep! go see...