Saturday, November 26, 2011

baby #5 {28 weeks}

if you're wondering where the 'nose' went, it's because my body now resembles an 18th century chinese woman's foot

yup, we're talking binding baby!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Make my Week #46 - patchwork birdhouse

i swore i'd never make birdhouses again, but here i am. and i even somehow managed to come up with a design more time consuming than the previous one!
too bad, i love it - and i hope the recipient does too.
(but don't ask me to make another one! /wink)

{owl vase from Ezibuy}
and to prove i am a real mum who does real mum stuff and that i don't just craft at leisure all day - this is what was happening just out of shot in the preview photo i posted on facebook last week::

meet my grumpy, fractured #4.

snippin & sewin

we are taking our annual pre-Christmas holiday next week and i've been so busy getting all my Tiny Eyes doll orders ready to take with me to sew (the place we will be staying at has no internet connection or TV so Nina's coming instead!!)

have you ever taken a pre-Christmas holiday?
i love it! i used to get stressed thinking i was way.too.busy to take a holiday at this time of the year, but now i love it because it forces me to slow down and not get too caught up in the silliness of the season and remember what's really important, that sort of thing :)

you should try it sometime


Thursday, November 24, 2011

i spy - messy home edition

wow, where did this week go?!
fancy a game of 'I SPY' to help your Friday come faster?

(this is what my living room looked like at 11:40pm last night (check the clock!). if you follow on facebook, you will know i didn't let myself go to bed until i had 5 dolls cut out and ready to sew - i did it!!)

anyway, let's play - can you find...?

2. my new (slightly awesome) Ezibuy owl vase
3. the wooden car garage made by JR
4. a bunch of pink carnations from dinner guests.
5. Catherine Campbell printed (still unframed!)
6. 2 jars of vintage lace
7. a birdhouse
8. recently inherited piano (that's easy!)
9. recently inherited rocking horse
10. recently inherited floor mat

how many did you find??

...and look how much closer you are to Friday now!


ps. happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely American readers

Monday, November 21, 2011

make my week #45 - poetic portrait

surely you've heard of the AWESOMENESS that is Lucky Jackson and her project, 365luckydays
so spectacularly talented!

i very, very rarely blatantly just copy the work of another artist - i usually am inspired and then add or tweak - but i really couldn't out-inspire this time.
and when i saw a photo of the Poet babe i just knew the two had to be combined:

so promise me, if this inspires you, please credit Lucky Jackson NOT ME!! that'd be cool.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who's Who - by Danny Arlo

i know i keep raving about my Lisa Leonard necklace that JR bought for me after Danny was born, but i do totally love it. it has all of our names on it (except mine, i'm "the pearl" haha)

Danny has learnt which tag belongs to which person:

noteworthy notes:
  • "Noo-nah" is what the boys call Jada. it means "older sister" in Korean.
  • Ty is known as 'Ty-Boy' to everyone. Jada has called him that since the day he was born and it has stuck!
  • and yep, it is a yet another bon jovi hair today. 
we're off to the mount today for a family wedding this weekend and am planning to compare bellehs with some cool mamas tomorrow. yay!
see you monday


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a lesson in patience

the room switch is happening at a pace slower than my 3 year old telling me a story.(and that's slow).
currently Ty and Jada have moved into their spots but we're still hogging the spot reserved for the little boys.
certain remaining tasks require carrying heavy furniture so i patiently wait for the blissful combination of a free afternoon and some rippling biceps. it's a combination that's proving to be as rare as [insert your own witty example here. i tried but my brain is too tired for witty at 10pm]

thankfully, my 3 year old's story telling is developing my patiently waiting skills.


(bonus points if you spotted a kiddo in one of the pics)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#5 {26 weeks}

woah! either our #5 ate all the pies in the last two weeks, or my belleh muscles (i use the term loosely. literally) have expired completely.

compare and gasp below:

i may lose my nerve posting these pics: 
1. i don't want to freak any not-yet-mamas out. 
2. i don't want to liable for jaws being broken on floors 
3. i like to keep my due-"date" (*cough* what a crock *cough*

Monday, November 14, 2011

make my week #44 - more All Blacks dolls

look who i finally finished off! 
i know, i know...

i will list them sometime this week.

and i know i missed 2 weeks of "Make my Week" (so hopefully i'm up to the right week??) and i know the last one i did was of an All Black doll (yawn?) but i promise i have been making stuff...i just want to wait a bit longer before showing you some of it! ooohh~~


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jacob's doll

please say hello again to Jacob!

hasn't he grown? (do you remember i made the doll the same length as he was when he was born 8 weeks ago at 23.6 weeks gestation?)
and look, he's in clothes!
and in a cot!

a big thank you to all of you sweet people who hold the Angove family in your thoughts and prayers.

you can follow Jacob's progress {here} on facebook.


Friday, November 11, 2011


happy SUPER PEPERO day!


pepero day is celebrated in Korea on the 11th of November (when the date resembles the pepero sticks) and everyone gives pepero sticks as gifts on this day!

friends we worked with in Korea sent us these to eat today!
(thanks Taylors! X) 

if you are near an asian food store sometime, you should try these...but be warned, you'll need one pack per person. they are so yummy!


(fyi: JR and I spent 2 & 1/2 years in South Korea in the early noughties, before Jada was born)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a TINY EYES giveaway!!!

do you like her?
would you like to have her?
well you could!
she's being given away via {{HERE}} on facebook!

(and of course on the give away there's a blurb about how crafty i am and a link to my blog which currently has NOTHING crafty, only some questionable belleh shots as my latest entry. great timing!! 
ok, quickly hitting "publish" now!!)

good luck!

what my belleh wore Wednesday

i usually feel fab when pregnant (all the saggy/podgy bits fill out, yanno?) but this time there's no Fab, just Fat & Old! i've been on the hunt for cute preggo clothing.

i found this cute top from the op shop on Monday for $3. it is a little on the snug side so i did my tricky-trick of sewing straight up the front to make sure there is no straining of buttons. 
these are the last remaining pair of jeans that fit me. i think that fifth time around i will be forced to purchase maternity pants! *gasp*.

and some evening entertainment for you:

i wonder if this is how spiderwoman would climb a wall if she had a belly in the way?


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


anybody still there?

(a new vintage transport themed quilt for the little boys new vintage transport themed area! hurrah~)
  • today was the first in about 10 days that i've had a chance to continue with the great room switch. two things i've noticed we have in excess: 1)stuff and, 2)dust. mmhmm.
  • the lack of switching opportunity was because we had swimming lessons every afternoon last week. my days looked like this: breakfast - school work - lunch - swimming - dinner - bed.
  • my mum must've mental-noted i was exhausted because she turned up yesterday with an armload of freezer food fit for a just-given-birth mama!! :)
  • i've begun vacuuming in the evening. it makes Morning-Dee so much happier (and Morning-Dee needs all the happy-help she can get!!). it also means there is one less chore to do before schooling the kiddos. win!
  • speaking of schooling...i always get a bit of a hurry curry in the final term - i suddenly realise there aren't any more buffer terms before the end of the school year and Yikes! have the kids learnt anything at all this year??!
  • JR has been appealing to lifestyle-property wives by making cuter-than-average beehives and selling them on trade me. want one? he can't keep up with the interest, so will now be selling them without the bees. hurrah, Christmas pocket money!
  • sometimes, i like to look at my own pinterest boards for inspiration instead always searching for the "new wow".
  • i was inspired to sew something (not on the to-sew list) over the weekend and it went from Simple Project to Nightmarishly Horrid Torture. waste.of.time.
BUT! now that i have popped in here and have vacuumed my floors, i am going to bravely get back on the proverbial horse and try to finish some urgent "to-sew" projects. 
hope they're nice to me.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Emergency Exit Plan...that i don't actually have yet!

naww, he's so sweet, he even bleeds

my poor bebe, gave himself a spectacularly deep gash above his eye this morning. it stopped bleeding and he stopped crying reasonably quickly and thankfully JR happened to be home (unplanned) to whip him into the Dr's to get it glued (yeoweech!) together again.

but it left me thinking - again - of my non-existent Emergency Exit Plan.

do you have one?

the thought of rounding up and appropriately dressing four kids, locking doors and grabbing essentials while applying pressure to a gaping, bleeding wound (or broken bone!) seems impossible to me!! and the ambulance scenario seems even worse - sending your injured child off while you round up the others? yikes!

please, please tell me your Emergency Exit Plan, or how you coped with multiple kiddos in an emergency.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{#5} 24 weeks

you would like a comparison? here you go~

it appears my belly has grown a nose...