Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{baby #5} 34 weeks

(i lost my camera for a few weeks - over Christmas!! - but the sweet Talia Christine found it! ::it's a small world after all...:: and now i can resume documenting the belleh, hurrah~...)


and in a bold new year's move, i will step out from behind my wall to show you my swayed back belleh in full.

not long to go now!


  1. beautiful x

    ps yay for finding the camera!

  2. Hurray! 36 weeks was my marker, both my boys are summer babes born early. But they are healthy and great! Great belly!

  3. Oh you look so beautiful.
    It will be lovely to look back on all the belly photos in years to come. x

  4. Dee! You are an inspiring beauty! Not long to go! Enjoy fluffy your feathers and finishing off your nest :)c

  5. Dee, you're so stunning! Not long to go now! :)


  6. You look awesome! Hope you're finding ways to keep cool this summer!

  7. Dee, you are just gorgeous and way tinier than just the belly shots portray.
    Enjoy these last few weeks :)

  8. What an absolutely beautiful belly!

  9. you look amazing! Just gorgeous. I know you will want to cherish these last weeks before we get to meet your little one but I just have to say I'm so very excited! big love xx

  10. Look how gorgeous you look!
    You do pregnancy so well.
    By about the 30 week my Mum always starts calling me moonface. Hmmmmmm.
    Thank goodness you found your camera. Something tells me you're going to be needing it very soon. xx

  11. Holy crap you sexy Mama! Truely Beautiful Dee. I was going to write 'where has your preggy button gone?' but then i saw the last pic, & a wee hint of button! Exciting.....babies!

  12. Thanks for coming out from behind the wall. That photo is beautiful. I'm sure you'll cherish it always!


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