Saturday, January 28, 2012

baby makes

have you been following Rhiannon's 'Make my Week, baby!'?
wow, that mama is amazing with how much she can produce in one week!(and i'm totally envious of her ability to sew knit)
i really didn't think i would make anything for this baby (we already have more than enough for a newborn) but last weekend i suddenly found myself in the middle of a burst of baby-gear sewing.

here's what i've made so far...

 :: a receiving towel with easily changeable meconium-catching pads (from experience one can not underestimate the amount of blankets a just-born can soil before a nappy is applied!) ::

:: baby boy swaddle from this pattern at Prudent Baby ::

 :: baby girl swaddle from the same free pattern - the doily is to look pretty while burping::

:: a simple boy blanket for out and about - the shape is designed from my own experience and preference...(and as can be seen from the unintended ripple edge, i cannot sew knit) ::

what do you sew for your babies?
has anyone made gowns?
can you recommend any other great tutorials?



  1. I didn't make much for my first, but I made a lot for my second. I made gowns, using a pattern from Dana at Made (

    I made a new Mei Tai just for my little one, since at the time I was making them to sell.
    I made blankets and chewy rag dolls. I made a lot of alterations to the cloth diapering stuff we had saved by contouring them to fit the diaper (nappy) covers better.

    hurray for nesting!

  2. Knit fabric scares me too but you haven't done too the swaddle blankies especially the girls one :)
    I made most of our older children's clothes using mostly vintage patterns...I found them to be cloth nappy friendly unlike a lot of patterns these days.

  3. I didn't make anything for my oldest either. (I wasn't sewing then.) For my second, five years later, I made him a hat and some little shoes out of one of his dad's old sweaters. And I made some quilted, long rectangular burp cloths from old (stupidly designed, way too small to do any good) receiving blankets. I loved the length because it is amazing how far down spit up can reach you. And I liked the thinner width because they just seemed to stay on my shoulder better. For my third, I didn't make anything before she got here because I didn't know girl or boy. (Um, plus there are only 19 months between the two, so I was kind of exhausted.) But, now that I have a girl, I can't stop making things for her. I just made her a pair of (re-purposed) leather boots.

    I love your receiving towel and baby boy swaddle. Love the knit patterns. (Though knit really is a beast to sew isn't it?)

    Can't wait to hear your good news!

  4. Lovely sewing! I esp. love the towel, loveliness! I did barely any sewing for Garland as I too am quite overloaded with baby things... You guys are inspiring me though, maybe in a few months time I can think about sewing again... x

  5. I should be sewing for my daughter, but the only thing I have made her so far was her Christmas stocking!

  6. bunnyrugs???

  7. absolutely ADORE the recieving towel. x

  8. I love the swaddle with a doily! Tres chic! ;)
    I for one am amazed at YOUR ability to produce all this goodness in one week!

  9. hello!!!I've left you an award on my blog


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