Tuesday, January 24, 2012

{birth notes} birth mat tutorial

{things are going to be a little birthy / baby focussed on here for a while. if you find child birth icky or horrid, feel free to skip and visit again much later}

ha! now here's a tutorial that's gonna go viral on Pinterest!.../wink.

we are planning to birth at home again and are getting things nice and nesty, ready for another HAPPY birth day. and in case any of you are planning to do the same in future i thought i'd share a really simple way to make your own pretty birth mat (for a dry birth, for birthing the placenta, or just for general floor protection when emerging from the birth pool).
it can be folded up and thrown out afterwards, so saves on towel laundry.

here's what you'll need:
:: one large rubbish bag ::
:: a stapler ::
:: some tape ::
:: a stack of newspapers ::
:: an old bed sheet (maybe you'd prefer a darker colour than what i have chosen?) ::
here's how:
1:: cut down one side and across the bottom of your rubbish bag and lay flat.
2:: layer at least 3 layers of newspaper over top of the rubbish bag, taping as you go.
3:: lay your sheet over the top of the bag and newspaper and cut to size.
4:: cut strips of paper approx 13cm/5" wide then fold like bias tape.
5:: staple your folded strips of paper around the edge making sure to catch all layers.

and that's all there is to it!

{if you're reasonably, let's say, 'vigorous' when you birth maybe you could add duct tape to the back or around the edges also?}

i'm hoping to share a couple more posts relating to what i now know about labour, birth and the post-partum period. if you have any burning questions let me know and i might be able to answer them for you.



  1. This is such a great idea!! Given that our next child isn't as... well, if I don't lose as much blood next time I'd like to try for a home birth. The midwife said I shouldn't tear as badly next time, so I'm quite hopeful!

    Thanks for sharing, Dee!


  2. Far prettier than the birth mat at the hospital :)

  3. Brilliant. Much prettier than the painters drop sheets that we used!


  4. Fabulous idea!!! The amount of towels that ended up in our washing machine after our homebirths was ridiculous!!

    Its getting so exciting Dee!!!

  5. I love the way you birth at home - unfortunately it didn't quite happen for me as planned but you're still my homebirthing hero :) xx

  6. I remember our midwife telling us how to make a birth mat, poor Ged, the words 'B.I.R.T.H M.A.T' conjured up thoughts of covering the entire lounge in PVC rubbish bags, poor man! Funny really as I never got around to making one as Ginny came early, & our midwife forgot all the linen! Oh for funny home birth stories!

  7. Awesome! I have similar plans with a really old, thick plastic shower curtain and some old sheets. Want to avoid having quite as many ugly disposable mats (the white ones with the cotton woool stuff that the midwife brings..) in all our photos etc this time!
    I can tell I'm going to LOVE this wee series. Perfect timing for me to get all excited!

  8. Singing: "Brilliaaaaaant."

    If we get to do more kids, they'll be homebirths, methinks -- as Haki's seen a less complicated birth now and isn't so opposed/terrified/anti- the idea.

    I will release the virus now.

  9. Wow. this is genius! I love your birth notes :) I'm a huge fan of home births but wasn't able to pull it off (kinda have to go under the radar here in louisiana). But I'm still hoping for one eventually...:) Can't wait to see more!


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