Friday, January 27, 2012

a fashion revolution & a giveaway

wow, i appreciated the enthusiastic approval for short-shorts for boys...

so let the fashion revolution begin!

look at those knees!! ohmy~

right, so here's the deal -
i want to see your boys* knees in short-shorts 

::step 1:: 
you can do this by either 
1. emailing me an image [dee.rolston(at)] or 
2. posting an image on your blog with a link back to this post (be sure to email me the link to your post so i know!)
before the Wed 7th Feb

::step 2::
i will have my grubby-kneed boys pick a fave and then i will showcase the selected fave here on Friday the 10th Feb.
as an extra acknowledgement of your commitment to the short-shorts (for boys) fashion revolution, i will sketch the selected image for the winner!


please join in, i'd love to see


(*yep, i'm limiting it to boys only this time.)


  1. No boys in this family. Love the art!! And the knees!

  2. Yay! I'm so joining in! Cute pics and a lovely drawing :)

  3. I'll have to try and capture a pic for sure. If I can stop him from running too much!

  4. This is a really cute post, a very original idea! Im keen to join in...just got to get the perfect snap of my son Jasper (21 months) in his short shorts, once I do, ill flick it through:) I think i'd rather have one of those stichy drawings youv done before:)

  5. Oh what cute little legs and knobby knees! I love just above the knee shorts on boys, and if any adjustments should be made to shorts as far as length goes, I'd say to make the girl's shorts longer, not the boys! Boys already get "cargo" style! Love this post! :)

  6. What is not to love about a boy in short shorts :)
    Short shorts rock!


  7. I'll send you a pic for sure - mine are short lovers even in winter and snow!!

  8. Ah shame - I have a girl. She has some great short shorts though :). Your illustration is gorgeous - love it!

  9. New short shorts made (yay!), now to take photos and post about them!

  10. Op Shop Jnr will be out and about displaying his knees tomorrow!

  11. we have our knees out today! well, I don't.... but you know what I mean ;o) xx

  12. found you via Heartfelt and thought I would enter my wee Cowboy and his short shorts....I love your sketch

  13. Hi Dee! Noah's knees can be viewed here: - I hope the judging panel (your boys) like boats , he he! Jenny ;)


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