Monday, January 9, 2012

play station vs play imagination

hello! how are your school holidays going?

i'm currently in the process of completing Ty's exemption (from public school) application which, if you are intending to homeschool, is required by law in NZ when your child turns 6.
even though it's a laborious process, it has been refreshing to be reminded why we homeschool. 

and observing Ty learning through pretend play, i have also been reminded how incredibly overrated gaming consoles are. 
give a boy a wooden "Bear Grylls" knife made by dad (foreground in bottom image), some sticks and branches and you've got a kinesthetic, educational (cause/effect, problem-solving, construction, design, resource management etc), physical and enjoyable entertainment pack.

and again, i am deeply grateful to be living where we do. we most likely wouldn't be home schooling if we didn't have this space.


(for the record, Ty is as much drawn to video games as the next kid and could very easily become quite obsessed if given half a chance! and so, we don't give him half of a chance. the end :) )


  1. wow, I totally agree Dee. My son is video game CRAZY and yet while we were back in NZ last year he never once asked for the wii and spent his whole time outside playing, pretending,imagining, biking.. just being a boy.
    I am so sad that now we are back in OZ where it is stinking hot, we have no backyard (atm) all he wants is games again.
    I LOVE my outdoor explorer type boy and I miss him. Bring on a new house with a big back yard (without snakes preferred).

  2. I really to proud to say your blog go to peak. I always welcomed your blog. By Regards Door Hangers

  3. Ok so I've got two complete opposite boys. Boy no. 1 must engage his brain into something (his preferred method being video games) BUT when I say enough is enough he still only goes "hunting" for a book or puzzle etc... Where as boy no. 2 NEEDS physical activity everyday (and social)...he builds huts, runs around the neighbourhood till he's passing out from hunger, actually KNOWS all of our neighbours unlike the rest of us. It's crazy how different they can be huh?
    No 1 does spend way too many hours in front of a screen for liking, but then so does his father! So I fight a losing battle. He still does exceptionally well academically and had a few friends (despite that he makes no effort socially at all) so I guess I just have to learn to accept its how he is. But yeah, you would most prob be horrified if you watched a weekend at our place ;)

  4. I'm with you, if they;re not available, life happens :)
    I love that you are up with all the "school" lingo too, I'm a little daunted by translating what we do into what they want, but I'm sure like you, with time it will come. Thanks for sharing xx

  5. I remember getting myself tied in knots doing the kids exemptions in was so lax here, just a matter of filling in a one page form and you were granted!
    We have a PS which was given to the kids but is such a waste of time as all our kids would rather be outdoors. I like to think its growing up in the NZ bush which is ingrained in them....will be interesting to see how our youngest Aussie born babe turns out :)

  6. Word to what you're saying, but why only for boys..?

  7. LOVE!
    Mr 6 would spend all day in front of technology given the chance - he isn't given that chance FULL STOP
    When it rains - outside with a bucket to play in the drains LOL (mean mummy)

  8. I love this, Dee. I think the same has to be said for the norm of 100,000 plastic, battery operated toys too! yerck.

  9. Love, love, love this post! My little guy is only 2.5 so maybe too early for a knife? Hmm, yeah, maybe (lol). But the whole Bear Gryllis idea is great ... kinda like Macgyver but more this century. More posts like this please? I need the inspiration!


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