Monday, January 16, 2012

on childhood and memories

how many times have you heard yourself say, "oh, i remember doing [fill in the blank] when we were kids!" during your adult life?

it re-occurred to me recently that what we are doing now with our children will become the memories they talk about when they are adults.
i'm sure you were all wonderfully concious of this, but i had to have it "occur" to me!

because i'm a future person. 
i tend to live in the next moment, portion of the day, season, phase... 
i have to remind myself that their childhood is happening NOW. not when they turn 6, or 8 or 10. this is it! 

and then, *blink*, it's gone, never to be re-lived.
i wonder what they will remember as constant? as joyful? as awful? as traditions? as family life? as how they felt?

i wonder how my kids will fill in the blanks of their childhood?
we were never allowed to..
we always...
it was so cool when we...
i loved the way we always...
i hated it when...
Dad always used to...
Mum always used to...

this is a good thing to occur to me at the start of a new year.
wouldn't you agree?

{we had the coolest opportunity to babysit an orphaned fawn on Saturday. to say the kids were thrilled is a gross understatement :)) }


  1. You're so right! I find myself having to be reminded of the fact that as pressing as the 'urgent' may seem, spending time with the kids and creating fantastic memories for them is so often more important. I'll be asking myself your list of questions over the coming days as I return to work for the year...

  2. Lovely post. Makes me want to try harder. Every day.

  3. I've been reflecting on this much in the last few weeks. I do not want my girls to look back on their childhood and only have memories of me folding clothes or washing dishes. I'm working on making sure they have memories of playing dress up with me, creating with me, and just being with me.

  4. I am finding myself thinking about this a lot at the moment as my eldest is starting school soon- can't believe how fast her early childhood has gone! Shared this post on my FB page too :)

  5. I think i am the same miss Dee, I had this occurrence a few months ago, and have since found more time to make little moments special. I thought about the smells that would remind my baby of mums home cooked meals. So I have been trying to cook better food, making the bed with only super soft sheets, a few drops of peppermint oil in the washing machine... BUT that said - you are amazing and I am positive your children will have the most amazing memories of their wonder-mum and their up-bringing!! You have no need to worry :)

  6. We have always tried to create lasting happy memories with our kids and I love sitting down listening to our older boys, 19 and almost 18 reminisce about their younger childhood years...their memories are so similar to the ones I have of my own childhood :)
    Dee your children are utterly gorgeous!

  7. Brilliant post Dee, I have had the same thought on and off over the years, I still feel like an ogre parent though! Grrrr
    P.S Bambi is nearly as cute as Danny saying 'Bambi'! xoxo

  8. I love this post and your reminder to make those memories. Time does fly too fast! I'm also one of those future people, so bringing myself back to the present isn't always easy! But I hope to make some really fun memories with our kids. Thanks for the reminder :)

  9. Good thoughts. Also, the fawn is so, so cute!

  10. I like this thought. I think thought that memories are not mostly formed around activities that took place but rather, around the emotions that a child feels. If they are loved, they will remember feeling loved. So beautiful. Thanks for this sweet inspiration. xo


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