Wednesday, January 11, 2012

wardrobe wednesday - new maternity dress

this week i've been on a mission to sew a dress that my belleh actually fits into.

i picked this fabric up (approx 6m) about 5 years ago for $4 from an op shop (i think it may have been a sari previously?) and it has, what looks like to be, colourful little coffee beans all over it! the pattern i got for almost free at a market.

i shortened the sleeves and length a bit and added bias trim to the sleeves as well as the neckline. i really like this pattern and might even try to make the winter version of it some time.
i'm hoping i will be able to wear it after baby is born with a belt at the waist.

(don't our manuka trees look fabulous?)

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  1. It looks so great on you, I love all of the pattern modifications you did!

  2. LOVERLY! I'm not sure who looks more fabulous you or the trees!

  3. LOL..that came out wrong when I re-read it. I meant that you definitely outrate the trees by a long shot....*slaps head*

  4. Wow-eee. Might be my favourite of the day - I love that you put a skinny belt and the basket with it - it really just goes to show that pregnancy does not mean giving up on style.

  5. Amazing! You're such a stunner!

    Also- totally didn't know WW was all go again, count me in next week!

  6. <3 <3 <3 Man I hope I look as good as you with 6 weeks to go! (I have a tenancy to swell up... ick!) x

  7. Love, love, love it Dee and it looks fab on you. I definitely think you could pull off wearing this afterwards with a belt :)

  8. That is a cute little dress, just my style with the little sleeves. Well done, looks great on you.

  9. lookin' good! also, checking out wardrobe wednesday!


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