Thursday, February 16, 2012

an anniversary embroidery

did you remember we had switched rooms with the kiddos? this is now our new room and i've been getting it nice and nesty for a babymoon.

i did another "over-paint"  - i'm not thrilled with outcome but it'll do until i find something better to put in the frame:

but what i really wanted to show you was this little freestyle embroidery i did. my mum embroidered a {J+D} like this in the most perfect satin stitch on the train of my wedding dress. it was our 13th wedding anniversary on monday and i wanted something  celebrating US on our bedroom wall.

i embroidered one piece of fabric (a doily) onto another piece of fabric (a hankerchief) with these hundreds of little freehand stitches. 
i had envisioned the top fabric "flopping" a bit more than it has so that it would be obvious that the pieces are only joined by the stitching, but it hasn't really. maybe with time...? 
anyway, the concept has potential and i might revisit it once i'm a little less distracted!

oh, and happy THIRTEEEEEEN YEARS to us!!



  1. THAT is gorgeous, you talented, talented lady! And I love the overpaint, and the whole collection of pictures, frames! It has got me excited because I picked up a lovely little painting from the op shop and have visions of a little collection like this one day! Very inspiring ... and a lovely back drop to a babymoon. (Gosh I'm gushy today!)

  2. Cool re-paint! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Your bedroom looks cozy! Inspiring me for sure...our bedroom is bland, with nothing on the walls, I have pinned lots of ideas but have yet to make anything!

  4. You know I could easily snuggle up on your bed and catch some zzz's :)
    Happy 13 years and here's to many more.


  5. MIss Dee , Puhleese do not discard that amazing piece of art you have created - I love it! And your beautiful stitching. You are tres wonderful miss...
    Your new bedroom is looking so cosy. Baby?? Come on!

  6. I agree- you simply cannot discard the re-paint. I looooove it. I think it might even be my favourite one yet! Perhaps you could sell it/swap it over my way when you have something to replace it? Pretty please?

    I love the stitch work too. 13 years is so inspiring, go you good things! x

  7. Happy 13th wedding anniversary!

    I love the embroidery, but I also really enjoy your overpaint!

  8. Happy 13th 99 was a great year for getting married - just sayin!

  9. All the best with your labour & birth! You are so inspiring!


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