Friday, February 24, 2012

babymoons & birthdays

we have been babymooning and birthday-ing.
it was my birthday yesterday - i officially retain my position as dead last in our birthday season.
which is now officially OVER! (phew~)


(ps. that necklace in the picture top right? 
i WON it!! it is from Darkblack jewellery, and it turned up in the mail on my emotional Day 3 - perfect timing!)


  1. happy birthday Dee!!!!! Huge hugs sent your way across the desert and over the sea! bec x

  2. Eeeeee, that baby! He is so precious! He looks absolutely gorgeous! Happy birthday for yesterday and I hope your babymoon continues in an amazing, relaxing, pampered, beautiful way.

  3. *sigh* so much beautiful! Seeing these photos just reminded me of that lovely weekend we spent at your beautiful house, with your beautiful family... Rolston Baby #5 is peachy perfect, and I hope that the rest of your babymoon will be too... I'm a little sad that ours is over (too soon! Why can't it last forever?!), but luckily there are plenty of other lovely bits to look forward to right?! xxx

  4. Glad the cake came in handy. Glad you had a lovely birthday. Cx

  5. Happy Birthday and Babymoon - Baby 5 is DEVINE. What a blessing. Now I have to ask as it is bugging me - what is on your spectacular looking dinner plate?????? It looks delish

    1. haha JR made dinner...delicious marinated steaks, potatoes, salad...and a boiled egg! :))

  6. those have to be some of the biggest steaks I've ever seen?!?? Can't wait to meet that gorgeous boy sometime. xxx

  7. Happy Birthday beautiful Mama! xxxx

  8. cute, so much work though! Happy Birthday Dee, you look so young and cute in these photos!

  9. Oh my gosh birthday girl, you look amazing! And you make gorgeous babies. Love to you (eat lots of cake!) x

  10. Happy birthday for Thursday! You guys are absolutely gorgeous xxx

  11. XO

    and I practically always add a boiled egg to my kids dinner plates!

  12. Congratulations on your gorgeous baby boy! And happy birthday to you!
    Is that some lactagogue tea up in the corner? Always good that is.


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