Monday, February 13, 2012

{the birth notes} the baby moon

(there is some discrepancy over whether a babymoon happens pre-baby or post-baby. in this case, i'm going with post-baby.)

having a home birth doesn't mean missing out on a couple of days post-baby pampering you might get at a birth centre, but it does require a bit of forethought and planning. 
to keep it simple, i've narrowed it down to three basic areas of preparation -  food, shelter, clothing. 
(with the added condition that it be completely indulgent, excessive, restful and luxurious!)

  • {plan your meals} we have an entire 5 day menu - breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks - planned and ready to go. 
  • {luxury food items} for our 5 day menu, we have slowly been stocking up on super-treat foods that we usually wouldn't buy because of cost. we're talking cafe quality muesli and prime cut steaks...
  • {minimum prep} the idea is for most of the food to be ready to go with as little prep as possible. most of our babymoon food prep is limited to turning on the oven or putting a salad together.
  • {ask for meals} instead of gifts from visitors, ask for food. accept any and all offers for baking and meals.

  • {nest} make your nesting area as luxurious as possible. this is the area where you will be doing nothing but fawning about sniffing a newborn neck and curling newborn fingers about your own. most likely, it will be your bedroom. 
  • {bed linen} splash out on brand new, high thread count Egyptian cotton or start collecting gorgeous, good condition thrifted florals. mmmm~~
  • {pillows & cushions} in this case, excess wins over practical for a truly indulgent babymoon. steal your kids pillows and cover them with your fave cases for a few days if you have to and be sure to make a pillow case from your favourite fabric for a breastfeeding pillow.
  • {clear out} get rid of junk in your room - even if it's to another room just for your babymoon. piles of mess are NOT conducive to restful repose. your area must feel pretty and peaceful.  
  • {fresh flowers} hopefully at least one person will bring you a bunch of fresh flowers. failing that, buy or pick your own!

  • {bra} a bra especially for sleeping in/night-nursing isn't essential but is certainly more pleasant when your milk comes in.
  • {post-baby clothes} comfortable for fawning and appropriate for visitors - after Monte was born, i felt so rake-thin compared to having a 42 week pregnant belly that i wore a fairly fitting dress when visitors came. i think i almost made the male-visitor ill! so remember, that although you feel like Mary Kate Olsen, you aren't necessarily.../wink!
  • {underwear} i avoid splashing out on breastfeeding lingerie until sizes have plateaued - my babymoon priority is comfortable but fancy-ish,  dark coloured underwear (yanno why)...we'll get Fancy later ;)

what about the older kiddos? 
stemming from our reasons for having the kids at the birth, we also believe it is important to have the kids around as much as possible to welcome their new sibling during the first week. 
however, when there are 4 of them, we are also realistic in knowing that it probably won't be that relaxing for the postpartum mother and will distract from very important newborn neck sniffing activities.
so, this time (for the first time) my parents will have the kids for 2 nights from Day 2-4 of the babymoon.

and of course, we have only prepared food for 5 days but i have every intention of babymooning (in lessening degrees) for at least 6 weeks after having baby.

have you ever planned your own babymoon?
is there anything i've left out that i should include?



  1. A great list (I plan to refer back to this, and the other birth notes, if and when I have another.)

    One thing I would add is that I splashed out on really nice (more expensive than normal) shampoo and conditioner that smelt really lovely, and I was given gorgeous, fancy soap. It was so nice having that first shower after having baby and feeling like you were pampering yourself a bit. I also used my tinted moisturiser, as although I didn't want to cake on makeup after having a baby, it made me feel good about myself.

  2. ... aaaannnd! I loved having a container of almonds or cashew nuts that I would snack on while breastfeeding, as well as a HUGE bottle of water (the old drink when they're drinking thing.)... I actually had a wee basket with these things plus a little container of snacks for Noah and one of his books. So that we could all eat and read together while I was feeding Isabelle :)

  3. Do you have any post-delivery rituals? Mine has always been a cup o' Milo and a snack-size Mars bar(or 2!).

  4. I intended on a babymoon last year, after baby #2, had everything planned out, my friends organised a meal roster, MIL was staying for a week etc etc. But I felt so good and wanted to get out and show off my baby, so I did...I crashed and burned about 2 weeks after babe was born, from trying to do too much. Now, pregnant for the second year running, I don't care if I have to chain the front door, I am not going out...ever!! I always buy myself new pyjamas and slippers, toiletries, but I like your idea of stocking up on foods that would normally be a luxury!

  5. A Babymoon! That sounds wonderful!

  6. Count on me for the fresh flowers. You know what kind they will be. Cx

  7. Excited to see your new little one...

  8. that sounds really lovely. I haven't consciously planned it before, but I have been gathering comfy clothes and making sure our bedroom stays uncluttered from now on so I don't have to be tidying in early labour. Also I am planning a lotus birth this time ( where the placenta stays attached until the cord separates naturally) as a way to force myself more rest this time. I got up on day two last time and developed depression at about 3months when having 3 under 31/2 became a bit overwhelming! I figure people who are ooked by placentas just won't bother visiting in the first week when we tell them!

  9. Oh my goodness this list brought back memories. Remember my week in the sleepout idea and I wanted it to be like a hotel so was buying new linen, towels, facecloths, toothbrush etc etc. Went a tiny bit mad with the nesting and getting everything orgainised. (I'm sure my toxemia with the high blood pressure was brought on by me trying to do too much in those last few weeks.) When I think back I see a crazy woman but at the time I wanted everything just perfect. As it turns out after the scary stuff, that week in hospital was just what I needed. God knew that bedrest for me was going to have to be forced. It was the lovest week having just Nate to worry about, meals brought in on trays, (all be it hospital meals :) cleaners coming to dust and clean my tiny hospital room and all I had to do was rest, cuddle and feed. Bliss! I'm not very good at tuning out to the other kids without interferring so been right away from them worked and allowed me to chill. But you earth mother will be great. So very very excited for you. I was telling Kate yesterday how I'm logging on every morning to see if you had the babe in the night. Honestly it's like waiting for christmas!

  10. A babymoon :) So precious! Love this list and all the care that has gone into your nest! Your room looks just lovely! When my kids were little and we had our #4 we had a birthday party for our newest lil one and we ate cake and gave each other small "big sister/big brother" gifts. I seriously love how much you include your other children in this birth!

  11. okay you also NEED a friend who does beautiful baking. When our friends have babies and we go to visit them I always bring 'feeding biscuits' instead of flowers. A feeding mama needs treats of the home-baked variety and she shouldn't have to bake them herself or share them. Hope this birth is just as wonderful and precious as the last 4. We look forward to the new arrival

  12. I began prdering homemade bread, sliced and delivered to my door at that time. I also stocked upmon treats I knew I loved: chocolate milk, grape juice, french toast strips, sausage patties, eggs (breakfasts are fab for me postpartum). At that time I also stocked up on paper p,ates and other disposables that would make household cleaning/tidying up a bit easier for my husband.


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