Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{birthday season} JR

this guy.

he's the reason i get to be who i am and do what i do. 
if he was any less than 200% supportive, we'd all fold.

the freedom and joy in the way he loves me and his children is the greatest blessing in my life.

happy birthday boyf.



  1. Happy Birthday JR. From your neighbours down the road a bit. C and co.

  2. That is so so beautiful Dee! Happy b-day Dad...P.S Danny's curls...OMG!

  3. Happy birthday JR!! Much love from Team Martin

  4. thankyou Dee!! best wishes for the arrival of your new lil pep. Cant wait to see pics too x

  5. Your blog is wonderful!
    Your posts are heartwarming.
    Your mate is lucky also, you both
    seem to hold dear the happiness of your life,
    your children and the everyday joys that keep it
    all together!
    Thank you for sharing such lovely photos, snippets of dialogue and the brilliant juxtaposition of it all!
    Cheers~ Bairbre Aine


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