Saturday, February 11, 2012

[short shorts} winning knees!

and the winner is...

in his home made short shorts

(Jenny, hopefully i'll get the drawing off to you before i'm Otherwise Distracted!)

thank you SO MUCH to everyone who joined in, it was so exciting to see all those delicious little boy knees (and i'm very relieved no one sent me any pics of their big guys in stubbies as a joke...phew!)



  1. Woohoo! Thanks Dee, that's made my Day! - And no rush at all - you have a lot on your plate :)

  2. Go Jenny! Those are very cute little knees! Well done you! especially as it looks like you had to climb under the table to get the prefect shot. That's dedication and I'm inspired.

  3. Great knees, a rightful winner :-)


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