Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{wardrobe wednesday} enormous love

i really wasn't going to do {wardrobe wednesday} today - i felt too bulky and clunky and clicky and crampy. but a visit to some op shops and a coffee with a friend made me feel more human, so here i am!
top: glassons
necklace: croutons
skirt: thrifted (just jeans)

it's always a bit risky wearing a white skirt when your waters are about to break - i figured i'd tempt murphy's law a didn't work. ;)


joining in here:


  1. Lookin' awesome m'dear. Nothing says summer like white cotton, but it sounds like you are ready to get the show on the road!

  2. Hey, the day's not over! Keep your white skirt on until you go to bed tonight and you never know what might happen! ;)Love your necklace, btw. Been thinking of making something like this lately so it's nice to see one 'in real life'!

  3. Love that charcoal colour on you. You look glorious even if you don't feel it and the welcome bunting - so beautiful

  4. Enjoyed that coffee too. I noticed your necklace- love. You don't look bulky at all- seriously. Gorgeous, is what you are. Cx

  5. Dee, you're a star! You look wonderful even if you don't feel it.
    I really feel for you, those last days can REEEEAAAALLLLLY draaaaaag. Fingers crossed that baby doesn't keep you waiting too much longer.

  6. I agree, you look beautiful! although that pyjama shot you were talking about would've been interesting ;o) hah. xx

  7. You look absolutely fabulous and are rockin the preggy clothes that aren't even preggy clothes!

  8. You are looking quite fabulous in my eyes...own your puku Dee, especially if this is the last :)

  9. You look gorgeous, I'm glad you risked it!

    Also, lovely bunting!

  10. From a Mama who's not *planning* on having another baby, your belly is just beautiful.

    Try to enjoy those little kicks and not having to worry about a muffin top!

  11. You seriously don't look tired/gigantic/over it enough to be full term. You still look radiant and lovely. Hopefully that doesn't mean you still have a while to wait, cause I reaaaaaaallllly want to 'meet' that little one. (Secretly hoping when I sign into FB tonight it will tell me he/she has arrived or is on the way! Not that I'm impatient or anything. heh) xx


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