Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{by Jada} hot air balloons

Last Thursday our family got up early. Do you know why? Because we went to see the hot air balloons!

My favourite was the mama kangaroo. She was orange. There was a dadda kangaroo as well.
He was brown. Do you know how I told the difference between them? Because the orange kangaroo had…..two joeys! They were so cute. There was a boy and girl. Brown and orange again. I called them Joe and Josephina. 
Here are some pictures.

When we got home Ty drew a monster hot air balloon. He called it…'Little Steven with Whiskers'! Haha ha ha ha ha! 

Jada (8) is learning to touch type and so will be adding posts every so often.


  1. Cool, Jada! I like your blog post. I hope you do more soon!

    We went to see the balloons and I liked the kangaroos as well! At first I didn't know that there was a mama kangaroo, until she spun around. Then I saw the little joeys in her pouch. So cute!


  2. Great post, Jada. I loved reading it and look forward to your next one. We enjoyed the balloons too. My favourite was the pretty blue one, but the boys liked the kangaroo one, like you. Cx

  3. So good to hear from you Jada!

    You are excellent at typing (and spelling!) , you must have a great teacher! ;)


  4. That mama kangaroo is really cool Jada. I like this post. :o)

  5. Very cool post Jada..the kiwi is my favourite :)
    My daughter loved hot air balloons when she was little so we got a really large balloon, blew it up and paper machéd it. Once it was dry we popped the balloon, painted the outside and hung a little woven harakeke basket off the bottom. It hung in her room above her bed holding a few very small soft toys.

  6. Thanks for sharing your adventures Jada. I think the Mama Kangaroo is my favourite too.

  7. Wow Jada, nice work. My son is 8 too and he has his own blog, about lego. It's pretty cool but he isn't up to learning how to touch type yet. Perhaps you will inspire him to start!

  8. Thanks for telling us all about your trip Jada. You write really nicely. I love seeing hot air balloons - I remember going down to the lake to see them with my parents when I was younger. And, there was even one floating past my house on my wedding day - which was in December! I felt so special.

  9. You're an excellent writer, Jada! I would have loved to have been there and seen the balloons too! The mama kangaroo is really cool - I like the joeys! We went to a zoo recently with our little girls and we saw some mama kangaroos with baby joeys in their pouches. They looked very cosy in there :) Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

  10. We also thoroughly enjoyed all the balloon events

  11. Great post Jada.
    The hot air balloons used to be our favourite every year when we lived in NZ... its something we miss so much in Australia.

  12. Thanks everyone! Every Saturday I will write.


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