Friday, April 27, 2012

(home)school lunches: week 1

because we home school i may be relieved of the arduous task of making packed school lunches every day but it doesn't mean my kids don't get sandwiches thrown in their general direction most lunch times. i'm lazy and very last-minute and they're just so easy to slap together. however, because our lunches don't need to fit into a lunch box or keep fresh until lunchtime, i really want to start having a more nutritious approach and steer away from the sandwiches.( i've also been trying to make a conscious effort to broaden certain young palettes beyond bread and cookies.../ahem.)

so, these are my (self-imposed) rules: 
it must be affordable, quick and easy to prepare, interesting (taste & texture) reasonably nutritious and low in sugar. 

week 1: vege pita pizzas

I used extra large, extra thin pita bread(we buy these 5 packs from a local fruit and vege shop for a mere $2 per pack!), smeared it with tomato paste, sprinkled some italian herbs for seasoning, grated some zucchini (so fussy fingers can't pick it off!) and some cheese.
I preheated the pizza stone/plate in the oven, placed them on it so the undersides firmed up while i grilled the cheese on top.
i folded them over, cut them in half and served them warm.
kid rating: 5/5 - begging for more!

i am certainly no fancy chef - i am all about in-n-out with as little effort as possible. i don't expect to wow any foodies at all, but, by making this a regular post, i hope to keep the Lazy Lunch Lady (ie, me and my sammies) away. 


  1. Um, yes. I want this for lunch too. However I have no pita bread on hand and had roast sweet potato chips in mind.

    Must. have. sweet potato chips.


  2. I want pizzas for lunch now! i make a homemade pizza at least once a week - I always make a little extra dough (its not that hard, just requires 10 minutes around lunch time if you're having it for dinner) and make 2 or 3 individual sized pizzas that I late chuck it the freezer. They take 10 minutes in the oven after that and they are usually eaten within that week. Sadly, my freezer is void of tasty pizzas right now, and you have got my cravings going!!

  3. That looks delicious. I know where to come for tasty lunch! Cx

  4. Fabulous idea Dee. Love that you've just done veges and made them un-pick-off-able. We buy those pita breads too - I can't believe they're only $2! I, too, need to make a conscious effort to steer clear of bread and cookies every day and reduce the sugar too (though I already try to limit the sugar intake - for me too!), so I will be watching this series with much interest.

  5. Great idea. Kinda quesadilla inspired! Look forward to more ideas.

  6. ahhhh.. yummo!! Can I come for lunch?

  7. What a fantastic idea! I can't wait to see your ideas each week.

  8. those look super tasty and I'm inspired to make some of these for myself and Summah one day. YUM!!!

  9. Good one. grating the zucchini... very sneaky. I will be updating my pizzas with a 'secret ingredient' from now on.

  10. LOVE IT!!! its refreshing to hear you do the sammies too..its my everyday thing for Jasper...and even George, who is almost 8 months has started eating sammies for lunch! Gotto get some veges in..this is good:)

  11. Looks great! I'm sure it is not only perfect for children but also for the challenge of feeding a one-person-household. I'm facing it right now... so I look forward to more affordable, quick and healthy meals.

  12. Yummy! Yeh I know what you mean about too many sammies.. we are major glutards aren't we!
    Grated courgette in everything over here! So good and never noticed! :0)

  13. That looks so yum, where do you get the pita from?

  14. Love all these lunches ideas. We homeschool to and I try to get creative with those lunches. Love all the ideas here. New follower too of your cute blog!

    Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic


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