Monday, April 23, 2012

{Sawyer's Seat} 2 months

i turned 2 months old last Thursday (9 weeks yesterday)! don't i look so grown up already?

i used to look like this:
then this:
 and now, this:

(does the term "weed" spring to mind?)


  1. SO cute! And Garland is piling on the weight (and height) too - wowzers! p.s. still have a package ready to send you, I'm a little slow at getting things out just now...

  2. Utterly adorable! And growing sooo fast :)

  3. Aww dee he is gorgeous and even more so in person.

  4. Wow, he is reaching the buttons already. He is a happy baby! Have a nice week!

  5. love handfuls of baby rolls!

    those chins!

    rachel xo

  6. Oh he's growing so fast! And still just as adorable!
    We took photos of our children lain on the change mat every week for a year. Looking back, it is especially those early weeks that amaze me with the amount of growth that you can see in one short week.

  7. He's growing well Dee. As they say, he must be in a good paddock. x

  8. Love these photos!! The saying goes that they don't last tiny for long and its right! I see a very edible chin there too!!! Love your happy family photos xxx


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