Saturday, April 21, 2012

{A Tale} by Danny Arlo

{as told by Danny, 2 years}

 {oh look! i see some red elephants!}

{i caught it! would you like to pat it?}

 {let's cut him in half!}

{would you like some red elephant too? here you go.}

{1 2 3 4...6 7 pieces!!}

i stumbled upon Jada and Danny playing a 'safari' game this morning. one of my absolute fave things in the world is observing imaginary play.
i mean, red elephants that you can hold in your hand. really? a 2yo mind is brilliant!

have a lovely weekend friends!


  1. Gorgeous! and you captured it so well :)

  2. Stunning. That is beautiful. What a great big sister too. Cx

  3. I love the innocence of this age and how in their eyes anything is possible. You have captured the moment beautifully Dee :)

  4. haha, so cute. Last week Zavian came out of her room with her hands covering her face. I asked 'what's wrong bubba?' and she looked up at me and said - 'nothing. nothing is wrong. everything is perfect. perfect like a birdy.' it was the best. xoxo

  5. Your children are beautiful. So sweet. I love watching the games children play - my older two (nearly 4 and just 2) make up some lovely little games. (They rub each other up the wrong way a lot of the time too, but we'll focus on the positive here!)

  6. yup what an awesome little thing to stumble upon and what a privilege to get to be there as part of the journey. Sawyer is looking pretty awesome too!

  7. Great story and wonderful imagination Danny. Who knew you could divide a small red elephant into so many pieces!

  8. awww... I agree imaginary play is just the best!


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