Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{wardrobe wednesday} polka dot + floral

as well as stripes and floral, i do love a bit of polka dot and floral.
 (Dee Doll joined me for moral support today)

top: cotton/silk fabric, thrifted.
skirt: vintage, made in NZ, thrifted.

thanks for your suggestions on what to wear while breastfeeding. i'm not convinced about unbuttoning a dress all the way down the front but maybe i'll try it around home and see how (exposing) it feels before 'going public'! 

joining in:


  1. Oh yes - I did an unbutton shirt once and only once with feeding then I decided I couldn't manage it without major exposure and not the kind of major exposure I'd like. Love the mix of floral with polka dot and your moral support with the yellow tights - awesome!

  2. You suit your style so well! I love your hair, do you colour it yourself? Foils?
    What *sucks (pun!) about breastfeeding is not being able to wear dresses huh!!

  3. I can see why you like polka dots and floral because they look fantastic on you!

  4. Great combo - that little collarless shirt is so sweet. The Dee doll is fantastic too - mustard tights and heels - classic!!

  5. Dee, you look amazing! I love that shirt. And the heels on that mini-Dee? Fabulous! I have a couple of tops that button all the way down and I make it work by wearing a singlet top underneath and unbuttoning from the bottom up, leaving the top few buttons done up to minimise exposure!

  6. You look great as always! Again I've gotta rave about those breastfeeding singlets with the shelf bra.. they give you much more discretion than just a breastfeeding bra under a dress. And the support is better than you'd think I'm D/DD and find it fine. :)

  7. You have the knack of looking amazing in what ever you wear :)
    Dresses were completely off the radar for me in the almost 10yrs that I breast feed.
    btw, Love Miss Dee dolls heels.

  8. Dude, you look AWESOME!

    The best thing I have found with breastfeeding is a stash of scarves in every weight/fabric/pattern under the sun- you can cover tour chest with it- take it off and put in over your middle if your top needs to lift up.... best thing!

    xo em

  9. Wow! Did you just have a baby? You're looking amazing!
    I used to have a polkadot top almost exactly the same as that. Ironically I donated it to Vinnie's out of frustration because it would not fit my post baby body at the time (but would fit now..)
    I avoid dresses in the early days. It's okay now though as I usually wait to feed when we get home.
    Vee neck stretchy tops with leggings or jeans were my uniform.


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