Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{wardrobe wednesday} a skirt + a bow

this week i'm inspired by the high-wasited-with-tie style skirts i've been seeing around (here and here) for awhile. so i finally made one from this gorgeous fabric i was gifted last week.
i had a squizz at this tutorial by Creative Spaces but decided at 7 weeks postpartum it'd be wise to have a flexy-waisted skirt (plus, i wanted to avoid sewing in a zip) so added elastic in 3 separate strips, to the back half of the skirt.
i must admit that i do feel like my butt and hips are about 10x bigger in this style but it feels super comfy so i'll give it a go.

ps i NEED some breastfeeding-friendly fashion ideas! i miss wearing dresses...

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  1. milk! That is her entire schtick!

  2. I bow to your productive-ness!! As for fit - you look awesome - I don't know what you're on about!

  3. Funny you mention BFing-friendly fashion ideas - I was thinking how does she wear that and not get frustrated at feeding time?! I love feeding my Snuggly Baby, but I am highly anticipating the time when I can go back to normal bras and my entire wardrobe - not just the clothes I can easily feed in! Am going to check out that website just mentioned tonight! (Husband's out, so I've got plenty of time to browse the net!) You look gorgeous - as always!

  4. Funny! I made these exact little skirts for Audrey! I planned to make one for myself and probably still will at some point.

    Also, look at you lookin all fabulous and posing and smiling. Killin it on Wardrobe Wednesday!

    (I forgot what day it was and didn't participate. Oops.)


  5. Talented Lady! You look lovely..very model-ish for 7 weeks p/p! You also have an awesome tan!:)

  6. Looking goooood Ms Dee. Nice work!

    rachel xo

  7. You are looking gorgeous Dee! I was admiring your skirt thinking to myself there is no way my mama bearing hips would pull off this style, you pull it off beautifully :)

  8. I just bought a similar skirt pattern the other day and wondered why I had and now I am very excited that I did! You look great (and SO young may I add!) as for great bf clothes I don't really have any suggestions I think I just looked awful or just passable the whole time - would cute blazers help to make the ordinary more fun??

  9. You look great! As for breastfeeding I had a couple of dresses with zips down the front and my wrap around dress (that featured in one of my old WW posts) that I breastfed in, with breastfeeding singlets underneath... although I must say that I don't remember looking as fab as you! I am enjoying my return to underwire I must say, with Isabelle now only feeding at night :)

  10. I certainly didn't look anywhere near that good at 7 weeks postpartum, or even 7 months postpartum for that matter. Love the whole outfit on you, it doesn't make your hips look big either.

  11. You can't even tell that you are 7 weeks postpartum in this skirt!
    I've just purchased a wrap dress pattern that would be suitable for breast feeding maybe...

  12. Hi! I have a great breastfeeding dress idea for you!
    Pinterest link:
    It has snaps down both sides for easy breastfeeding while remaining fully dressed PLUS you get a cool vintage 1920s/1930s look.
    I have been meaning to make some shirts and dresses like this for myself, but now my baby is 8 months old! I'll get around to it someday and have it ready for baby #2...
    If no time to sew, order a black short sleeve crew neck t-shirt from Momzelle ( and wear it every day. You can still get a nice look when you tuck it into high waisted skirts.
    Good luck!

  13. I was sitting here thinking 'she looks TINY for just having had a baby!', so your worries are unfounded.

    As a naturally big-bottomed woman, this is my go to skirt shape!

    My sister-in-law, who is breastfeeding, always just wears a crossover or button-down dress.

  14. So how gorgeous are you?? From one mother of 5 to another you look amazing - LOVE the skirt! xxt

  15. lady, seriously- i had my second child 14 months ago and I still look 6 months preg. You are baben'.

    xo em

  16. I have seen dresses that have sneaky openings along the empire line...surely you could whip up one of those WHILE breastfeeding...out of three pillowcases. :P


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