Monday, June 4, 2012

{pros&cons} of having housesitters

we are having a family of 6 (3 girls, one boy) house sit our house while we're on our great winter escape 2012. obviously there are pros and cons to such a situation...

pro:: i have to tidy up.
con:: i have to pack for a long trip AND tidy up.

pro:: i emptied out my fridge.
con:: finding something from 2009 in there.

pro:: i cleared my undies drawer.
con:: admitting my string bikinis days are over.

pro:: i washed and re-hung a curtain that had been splattered with coffee about this time last year.
con:: my pride was what finally motivated me to do it.

pro:: while i was at it, i washed and rehung all the dining/living area curtains.
con:: it was raining so i couldn't dry them
pro:: they dried on their tracks one night while keeping the light in and the cold out. (and that counts as a "twofer" right Angela?)

pro:: i also washed a pillow.
con:: Monte had vomited into it.

pro:: there are also some sparkly patches of carpet about.
con:: Ty and Monte. hurly burly.

pro:: i have to dust.
con:: isn't there an allergy to dust? i'm pretty sure i have it.

pro:: i have to clear the spiderwebs.
con:: who will catch the flies?

pro:: all the lightbulbs have been replaced, our housesitters will be able to walk around at night without fear of concussion.
con:: we have the dodgy-est electricity, so maybe the second half of that 'pro' won't apply after the first week or so.

pro:: someone will be able to feed the animals.
con:: the Vermin don't know that fancy American guests are staying over (please let the poison have worked this time!! let's pray...)

four days to go!!


  1. Deeee I'm gonna miss you! I really hope you do have a fabulous time with your whanau! :)x

  2. you are hilarious! Hope the kidlets are feeling better for you tomorrow ~ must be so stressful! xx

  3. 4 days!!! I'm gonna miss you tooooo!

  4. for some reason I thought you were already gone! wow washing curtains aye!! that's serious stuff, im tempted to buy new ones.....;)

  5. Packing up to go away hard enough task - doing your house over as well : epic!! Don't envy you but liking the way you're finding some pros! Worth it for a good holiday of course! Have fun!

  6. hahaha I love this post. I have a feeling mine would be similar.


  7. i just came across your blog - love it :) your family is gorgeous. i'm from down south! nice to read a NZ blog!

  8. there's an allergy to dustmites - and Daniel has it. Don't talk to me about it - it drives me mad. He sneezes - alot - and is often allergic to our house. Try clove oil to clear the smell.

    Your sense of humour will get you far Dee x

  9. hahaha, you are a riot!! i'm going to miss your posts (& instagram pictures)! i'm excited to hear how your winter escape goes. is everyone feeling better?

  10. I am definitely allergic to dust and washing curtains and house cleaning in general. Loved this list--I laughed so hard!

  11. hey chicky, bless you all hugely on your epic adventure .....So looking forward to seeing you in real life one of these days xxx

  12. This post is so funny! Perhaps I need a big adventure to motivate me in this way re: dusting and cobwebs and such. I hope you find fun ways to live together along the way.


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