Tuesday, June 26, 2012

shed life

hello friends! how are you??
i'm hoping to squeeze a quick post in between storm clouds (which block satellite connection) and give you a tour of our lovely little shed Up North.
not long before we arrived this was a twin car garage with 2 roller doors at the front. these have been switched for ranch sliders and curtains, and half of the concrete has been covered with some temporary carpet. 
as a part of their school work, i had the kids write a poem that describes our shed life. i hope you like it:

Shed Life 
Shed life is a creaky roof, a baby crying at night and a water pump that suddenly starts.

Shed life is six beds tightly together, a washing machine that's always on and a couch that is a bed at night.

Shed life is vomit in the bed, school work at the table and running inside to the toilet.

Shed life is talking quietly while Sawyer naps, remains of car oil under the table and sneaking into each other's beds.
i've been made aware of just how flexible kids are and how little we really need to live happily.

i already know that we will all miss this lifestyle something fierce when we move back home in August.
i hope you are all well!


  1. Looks amazing Dee! I'm so jealous of your simple shed life and I LOVE the poem - just shows what kids notice and what the pick up on.


  2. looks so cozy :) hope there's not too much vomit! thanks for popping in to update us!

  3. While reading your blog I was already thinking of the Boom family, when I saw what your daughter was reading I just laughed. So similar and so fun for you all. We are on the first of her books, they are brilliant. Best of luck with good health from here on. Sick is just awful.

  4. Reminds me of Marae styles :)
    Cute poem.

  5. What a great lesson in how to live with minimal material posessions! You are so inspiring Dee!

  6. Love this shed idea! What a great way to get back to the basics with the kids. It's an experience they will always remember. My parents have a "shed" weekender and it's a wonderful home away from home.

  7. Oh I love the poem!!!

    The kids and I shared one room last year for 9 months, it was an eye opener about give and take for all of us...

    Enjoy the magical moments you are creating.

  8. That is an awesome poem! And you make shed life look pretty wonderful :) I love the simplicity and coziness of it (even despite the vomit and constant laundry). Your family rocks, Dee.

  9. I love the line about sneaking into beds! What an amazing journey your taking, I wonder how it will shape your children - what they will take from it. Good stuff, thanks for sharing with us.


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