Saturday, July 14, 2012

{by jada} horse trekkiing

On Wednesday we got up early and drove down 90 Mile Beach to Ahipara.
I went horse trekking with Dad and my cousin Katelyn went with her Dad.
It was my first time riding a horse. My horse’s name was Tomi. He was blind in one eye but had been born like it and he was 23 years old.
We rode on the road and turned off onto a small trail leading towards 90 Mile Beach. We went down and onto the beach. We rode for an hour and turned around on to another trail.
We walked back along the beach. Sometimes I trotted and sometimes walked.
On the way back we crossed a stream then we rode back along the first trail and crossed the road to where we started.
I loved riding my chestnut horse with a blonde mane and tail, Tomi.
It was the best day ever riding Tomi.

by Jada, 8.

(thanks to Ahipara Horse Treks for a magical morning)


  1. ....and you look so confidant for your first time, horse riding is the best fun!!!

  2. When I was about your age my friend had a pony and we'd brush it and ride it. I was always secretly scared of it and apparently horses can smell fear. You're much braver than me - I'd be too chicken to go horse riding now.

  3. Thanks for sharing about your trek, Jada. T thinks it is great too. You look like you've been riding for a long time in your picture. We are missing you back here. Have a fun week. C and co x


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