Monday, July 30, 2012

in case you ever wondered...

even mothers get bored when paradise decides to have a gale force weather tantrum and there are found to be a pair of hair straighteners in her hands...

i present to you, Danny Arlo without the curls.
 his cousins thought he looked like a "rock star"! ha.

it turns out, those curls are stubborn and it wasn't long before they began reappearing...

feel free to file this under "rainy day activities".
you're welcome.


  1. ha ha fun that is hilarious x

  2. What a change. Those curls of his are the cutest though.x

  3. hehe - so cute! (you and him haha) x

  4. Cute! I wonder if this idea will be pinned?

  5. haha this is cute and hilarious. if only daughter will stay put i will do this to her.

  6. HA HA I actually LOL'D at this. You're a crack up, woman!

  7. cuuuuutee!! hey is that a cameo creme in is hand??

  8. I have just come across your blog via Rhiannon's blog (I just recently discovered her blog too (it's taken me years which is pretty slack given that we are cousins)
    Anyway your blog is great, I love reading about your time up in Northland, you lucky thing, we lived up that way for about 7 years and loved it! So I wistfully look at your photo's, we are now down in Blenheim (it's cold down here)homeschooling four children.


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