Thursday, August 23, 2012

{a letter} to those parents...

who are choosing the more difficult road of training your children to take care of their belongings - regardless of whether they cost $2 or $200 - i commend you.

who take the time to teach your children to put away their belongings - when it'd be much more peaceful to follow behind and just pick it up yourself - i encourage you.

who show your children that taking care of their belongings is a ultimately an expression of gratitude and thankfulness - i honour you.

who teach your children to know that, although most belongings can be inexpensive and easy to replace in our heavily disposable culture, not everyone in the world has the same privilege - i admire you.

who make sure your children understand that every single cheap plastic toy that is discarded has a long lasting environmental impact - i respect you.
and you, and your children, will be welcome in our home any time because i know your children will also respect our belongings.
stick at it parents, it's worth the hard work.
remember, you are raising adults - not children.



  1. Hear hear! I often remind myself that putting in the hard work with my children now will mean one day we can have relationships with them as lovely, grown up people.

  2. I agree! I hope you haven't found any of your belongings broken on your return

  3. I agree with everything you say. Congratulations for your blog!

  4. Thank you so much Dee, any more tips on this issue you can give me are much appreciated!! I am struggling with this right now. I hope you don't mind but I linked you on my blog.

  5. I couldn't agree more! Beautifully written (its great to have you back)

  6. Great post - you always have such good thoughts about things. But also GREAT pictures. What a super cool idea! Although, it won't be replicated at our house because having two adults do that set up would just be a bit creepy I think.

  7. oh, yes, absolutely! it is the hardest of work, so relentless, but it's important to put the hard yards in. we need more good humans. :)sarah

  8. Oh Dee, (just caught up on twitter) sorry to hear about the breakages and lost stuff :( So NOT nice to return home to. Hope you can get your house back to 'normal' and feel settled back in soon xoxo

  9. It's sure is a struggle, but I'm sure it's worth that struggle in the end. I've had play dates where other kids have broken toys here and the parents didn't even seem bothered!

  10. We are going through this right now as well-- my boys are 4, 3, and 1 and we just went through a huge toy purge and discussion about how to keep it all at a minimum (we are not the buyers- people just keep gifting all this cheap plastic crap that breaks after two days and the boys just shrug and go on to the next like it's no big deal)! So hard to deal with when we don't want to send the message that life and relationships are disposable.

  11. I detect an emphasis on the positive in response to some negative? Rats.

    I feel really strongly about this. Someone dear to me regularly reminds me that things are just things -- YES -- but respect is respect...simple. THANK YOU for sharing this post.


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