Saturday, August 18, 2012


our house sitters have long gone and we've already stayed here longer than we'd planned. 
it's time to reunite with reality (and icy temperatures, booo~) so we're (finally) saying the brave good bye to our little shed up north.
here are some snippets of our shed life:

1. the washing machine cleaning the clothes of 12 people // laundry tub come 'kitchen sink'.
2. the proximity of the water pump to my pillow.(for the first couple of nights i actually thought there was a car coming through the wall every time the pump switched on!)// Sawyer had his 2 hour morning nap like this every day, with only a blanket separating him and his siblings while they did their school work less than a metre away!
3. breakfast in the shed // doing dishes camp-style.
4. bedtime stories only became more creative and more exciting as the weeks went on!

we're so grateful for this amazing opportunity we've had up here, it's been the best time ever.
seriously, you should all need to get yourselves an awesome sister and brother-in-law who live in a warm climate and go live in their shed for 10 weeks over winter.


  1. Yay so much fun! Definitely a memorable experience.. good on you guys!
    Hope the trip back and pack up - then the great unpack aren't too daunting! Actually it has been quite mild here in hams!

  2. And what wonderful memories you will have of your time there!! All the best for the 'move' back home!

  3. Looks like an amazing adventure Dee!

  4. It's been so lovely reading about your far north adventure. Thank you for sharing :)

  5. The kids will always have such wonderful memories... even Sawyer.... he won't remember... but the kids will give him the moments they remember. Making them his memories too!
    How wonderful for you all to have such a close time together.
    The change of seasons is a good thing... makes us appreciate all that we have.
    I'm looking forward to Fall on my end... it's been in the 90's to the 100's for over a month now... time to lighten and cool down a bit!

  6. What an amazing adventure you've had - I've really enjoyed following you


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