Friday, August 24, 2012

five friday faves

a couple of weeks ago miss geishy introduced herself and invited me to look at her dolls. ummm, *jawfloor*!! she takes custom orders also! follow miss geishy on facebook here. (see, it pays to introduce yourselves. so go on, don't be shy!)
 did you know Felt sells more than just sewing/knitting/crochet? i've been eyeing up this baby pack by Mushroom Lane for awhile. amazing value at only $20!. 
[includes: Baby bottom balm 60ml//Baby bottom spray 50ml//Baby soap 50gm//Natural cotton muslin wipes x8]
 do you know what this means? Tim Coulson is bringing his photography workshop to NZ next year is what this means!! go, book NOW!
we're spoilt to have two birth centres here in Hamilton and i find it astounding that our capital city doesn't even have one. Proceeds from the screening of the Freedom For Birth film in Wellington on Thursday 20th September will go towards building Wellington's first birth centre. so, if you're in or around Wellington then it's a worthy cause and an informative film - reserve your tickets here.

this insightful post by crafter-extraordinaire Emma of Emma Makes on how she maintains a comfortable work/life balance. it's a good read!
happy weekend everyone!


  1. I'm quite bummed that there is no birth centre here in Wellington. It's great that we will hopefully get one soon but unfortunately it'll be too late for me! I might have to buy that baby pack from felt to cheer myself up ;)

  2. Happy weekend! i love that cup and saucer, what and where??

  3. I love everything in this list!
    I've been eyeing up the baby pack too, would make the perfect new baby gift, I think. I had a wee tester on her stuff and it is deeeeeevine.
    Will you be at the photography class? I'm extremely tempted. EXTREMELY.

  4. wow, that baby pack would be a lovely gift!!
    and the dolls! eek! so cute!

  5. Oh Dee! I have been away from the land of blog for some time. The first true break since I started blogging, I've missed you! I really only have several blogs I truely crave to visit and miss like I'd mss a family member or close friend, and you are one for sure. Golly how surprised I was to see your little post with me amongst it! Hope you are all warm and well fed! All my love xx


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