Friday, August 31, 2012

{five friday faves}

let's be honest boys luck out a bit in the clothing department, so i like to keep an eye out for unique boys' clothes.. i especially like the casual - almost handmade - feel of NZ's own Minti range for this summer (esp those shorts on the left, ohyeah.)

how sweet is this penelope cat? by In My Backyard on Felt. She has a matching dude-cat too... :)

i have a friend with fantastic taste and who is genuinely talented. she is having a giveaway on her facebook page, you really must enter. 

i have been loving Bec's instagram pics as she sets up her new home, 'the sugar shack'. follow along too: @naughtyshorts 

i'm sure you've all seen this floating around facebook, but i think it's kinda fabulous.
this is Flight of the Conchords' song for Cure Kids (with lyrics suggested by kids). buy 'Feel Inside' on iTunes and/or make a donation here at Cure Kids.

happy weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out!
    Wishing I could afford to clothe the kids in Minti - so styley!
    And I LOVE that FOTC video. Best thing I've seen in a long time! Helpa, helpa, helpa the kiiiiids!


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