Tuesday, September 11, 2012

walk with me

will you pull your gumboots on and walk with me this misty morning? i have something to show you.
down my front steps, overgrown with mexican daisy. 
(i like it that way.)
our pair of footprints across the dewy lawn. 
can you see what we're headed to?
an enormous spiderweb! let's stop awhile and appreciate the beauty that can only come from hard work.(is 'easy' ever really as beautiful?)
then, on our way back, maybe we'll swing beneath the tree of red berries that the birds won't eat.
and we'll look up at the early blue sky and
welcome spring. 
and breathe the hope that always holds its hand.

time for a hot cuppa inside,
thanks for joining me this misty morning*.

*this wasn't actually this morning. this morning is a whole other blog post!


  1. Aren't spiderwebs just incredible....that one sure is a beauty!

  2. Thankyou Dee... that was the most lovely walk, how I wish I could share it with you and your gorgeous family for real xx

  3. WOW, simply and beautifully wow. Love you!

  4. Oh man, you live in paradise. I can imagine the sound of the Tui and the smell of the fresh crisp air..thanks for inviting us into your world :)

  5. Hmmm - I was just thinking I wish our place had looked that nice this morning... maybe tomorrow, they are promising some fine weather then?!?


  6. thats so pretty Dee! i wish i liked tea so then i could have a cuppa!

  7. Beautiful! The coming inside for a cuppa was my favourite part ;) xo


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