Friday, October 19, 2012


check out the view every morning from my kitchen window.
and want to know something else that is mega-cool?
there haven't been two sunrises the same, so far.

it's like sunrises are equivalent to fingerprints, for God.


  1. beautiful view. Reminds me a lot of the view we have when we stay at Kapiti and how amazingly different the sunsets are :-) His hand lovingly crafting each one so differently xx

  2. And He paints them just for our viewing pleasure :)

  3. Hello Dee, I am loving reading your blog. I spent the day with your Mum & her patchwork ladies this week & I wondered if you would like to read my blog post about my wonderful day out there. Here is a link - sorry but couldnt find an email address to contact you & your Mum had given me your blog address.
    Hope that works out okay - your Mum is lovely & a very talented lady (like yourself) -very kind wishes Dee, Julie :-)


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