Wednesday, October 10, 2012

get stuffed!

I’m just going to be honest here and let you know I want you to get stuffed. I’m serious! You guys have all been so supportive and encouraging that I think it’s time YOU had a chance to Get Stuffed (…in a good way)! 

If you’ve been following along via Instagram you will have seen the sneak peeks of what my Dee*Luxe dolls are wearing. (I have had the best fun dressing vicariously through these dolls!)  BUT…I have one more Dee*Luxe Doll to make and, as a way of acknowledging your support, I want her to be wearing YOUR outfit.

Here’s how: post a picture of you wearing your favourite outfit to the Tiny Eyes Facebook wall and the outfit with most likes and/or my personal preference will be made into a Dee*Luxe Doll and sold during November along with the rest of the Dee*Luxe range.(The winner will have first option on purchase, of course)

You have until midday next Wednesday 17th October.
The winning outfit will be announced sometime that afternoon (hopefully!). Ready, go!


  1. cool idea!! I never wear anything awesome enough to bother entering, but I look forward to seeing this pan out!

  2. Oh wow, awesome - I'll have to find a Wardrobe Wed post that I look semi ok!


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