Saturday, November 17, 2012

{dee.i.y} put a bow on it

 i haven't worn a sweater since the 90s and i thought it was time to go there again so i bought this sweater from the local oppy for $1.50. here's how i added a bow..

1:: make a lonnng 'ribbon' and pin it at the center on the middle of your sweater.
2:: start folding - on the left side fold OVER.
3:: on the right side, fold your ribbon UNDER.
4:: keep pinning until happy with the shape.
 5::while keeping the right side of your bow pinned, carefully lift it up and thread the centre piece on (6) (note: i sewed the centre together at some stage to hold it secure)

pin the right side back onto your sweater and sew carefully all around both edges of the ribbon. and you're done!
do you like it? 
or did i just turn a perfectly good boring-but-comfy sweater into a nana top?
oh dear...


  1. Dee this is unrelated, but I just took my boys to our new pediatric dentist here in Savannah and saw your pirate dolls high up in their ship! They are adorable and I had wanted to snap a photo for you but my 2 yr old was not amused by the experience ;)
    The office is amazing and the receptionist said that she loves to tell the children that the pirates came from halfway around the world!!

  2. Love love LOVE!!! Very cool - you've got me looking for a sweater now

  3. I think it's pretty cool. (But I am a bit of a nanna ...)

  4. Not Nana-attire by a long shot! (Although my Mum is a Nana (obviously) and she's actually a pretty snazzy dresser!) The top looks awesome and I'm a sucker for anything with a bow! Thanks for the tut :)

  5. Its indie and cute, not Nanna...but I'd be tempted to cut the neck off Flash dance stylez. Just sayin :)


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