Wednesday, November 7, 2012

dee.i.y:: sleeve bibs

you know this age when they want to hold their own food but make so.much.mess?? no matter how high i yank up Sawyer's sleeves, they still get banana mush on them and i don't know HOW it has taken me five kids to do (think of) this, but i am SO excited about this diy...BIBS for the SLEEEVES, mamas!!
here's how: 

 trim sleeves off an unwanted or thrifted top. i used polar fleece. it wins for this purpose.

 i did regular elastic around cuff and the adjustable type on the upper arm (to make it easier to pull on)

the messier the food, the better!
they work so great.



  1. Oh Dee what a fab idea!!! Makes me want to have another just to try it out. Luckily I can make some for friends!

  2. This is beyond genuis!! I think I'll make a pair for my nephew, I'm sure my sister with her OCD will love them :)

  3. When we were in China we noticed *everyone* wore these all the time in rural areas - not just kids. ANd in our local vege shop here in NZ, the Chinese proprietors wear them when working. Not made from polar fleece though!

  4. Clever clogs! I think Mollie-Pop will need some (if she ever starts putting stuff in her mouth..).

  5. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fab-i-dee-doo-dah-fab-i-dee-day x

  6. this is so adorable! what a perfect and easy idea. thank you for this :) my six month old is still a bit little, but soon she'll be ready for sitting up and making a big mess while eating herself! haha :)

    how have you been, dear? hope you enjoy your weekend!

    xox, amber

  7. I love your blog. I have used oone of your outfit inspirations for my blog today.

  8. I need some adult sized ones for at the dinner table when the children are so excited and grabbing my arm to tell me something ;)

  9. Fantastic idea! I'm going to make some for my 9mo. old (He is sooo messy)and a set for a friends baby shower. Thanks for a great gift idea!


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