Monday, November 5, 2012

look who got stuffed!

you may (or may not) remember the 'get stuffed' competition i held on the Tiny Eyes Facebook page a few weeks ago. these are the winning outfits and my interpretation of them.
these ladies will have first dibs on the dolls, otherwise they'll be added to my Felt shop along with the rest of my Dee*Luxe dolls.


  1. You stuffed some lovely ladies. xxxx gorgeous.

  2. These are fantastic Dee and such a great idea!! Love them

  3. I love your dolls! There are very beautiful
    I want to ask you: What type of fabric do you used to the skin?

  4. oooh! I am just got in love with Alisa!!! She is a gorgeous doll Dee! CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE IDEA YOU HAD AND EVEYTHING YOU DO!

  5. So, so fabulous. Offering custom dolls is a pretty great idea - who doesn't want to be a Dee doll?!

  6. ohhh, love them Dee!
    I seem to have somehow lost your link on my blog, but I've hooked you up again! Who know what happened :p


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