Friday, November 23, 2012

opposite ends

hi friends!

over the next 2 days we're making the trek from the Far North to the Deep South.
JR is driving us to Auckland today and then me, and the five kiddos, are going solo the rest of the trip.
(i am trying to be very brave and positive about flying all alone with an armful of baby, a wandering 2 year old who is prone to tantrums, and 3 others!! eeek)

we will be spending the week with my older sister and her 3 babies and we pretty much couldn't be more excited! 



  1. Hope your trip goes well! *I'm sending lots of "no tantrum" thoughts and wishes your way!*

  2. Have a great time! (and good luck on the journey!)

  3. if you are stopping in Christhurch at any point and need a trampoline and adult company break do let me know!!

  4. Here's to plain sailing (or flying in your case) while you travel. Im sure the flight attendants while be worth their weight in gold and help you out. xxx

  5. A little adventure for you and the kids. Have fun.

  6. I've never been to either places. Really have only stuck to the middle of NZ. I'll wave from my washing line :)

  7. I really hope it all goes well for you fullas, I can't wait to see all the photos! I'm both a little envious and completely and utterly in awe of your bravery in taking alllll the kids on your own. You are such a super woman xx

  8. Fun with 5 kiddies! I grew up in NZ, one of 5 kids and we travelled most of it, though not all in one go! Sounds like you have an adventurous life, so fun finding your blog.


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