Saturday, December 1, 2012

state highway 99

the sign tells me it's 1,401km from here to the Capefrom State Highway 1 - to State Highway 99. from the top, to the bottom.

wild southerlies, blowing straight from Antartica, into my sister's backyard foiled a few plans this week but we had the best time being together again. i'm so grateful for this week -
and the stunning, calm, farewell the southern coast gave us on our last night here. 
tomorrow, i'm back on the plane with my five faves


  1. Sounds just lovely Dee. We're hanging out for the end of next week - school holidays, so The Man will be home for nearly 7 weeks: bliss! Reading about your lovely family holiday times is helping me look forward to ours! x

  2. looks like a beautiful, beautiful time. Safe travels to you all x

  3. What a stunningly beautiful area. My kids would love that sign! That wind in the first shot is really something.

  4. wow, beautiful, amazing and wild!

  5. Wow, how stunning! I have never been that far south but have heard its gorgeous.Safe travels home guys.

  6. Hi -visiting via pinterest- It somehow felt appropriate to say hello from the far north Oslo, Norway!


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