Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{wardrobe wednesday} before|after

Sawyer's birth journey begins
 ::thursday afternoon when my waters had broken::

and (finally!) he arrives
::monday afternoon, 1 day old::

(i realise it's probably a bit of stretch as a "wardrobe" post - maybe i can just say Sawyer is my new accessory that i *LOVE*?)

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Monday, February 27, 2012

{Sawyer's Seat} 1 week

::1 week old::
totally delish.


yes, i am totally ripping off Ruby Ellen's idea. and although it is unbelievably comfy and perfect for breastfeeding it's not really 'Sawyer's Seat', that just sounded cool for the title. JR actually got me this chair as a wedding anniversary gift. we'll be using for night feeds for a bit though~

{the birth notes} soothing postpartum herb bath

having been around this block five times i know that it is more than just certain body parts that open up to accommodate childbirth - in a sense, my whole person opens up to birth a new life. during childbirth i become my most vulnerable and the days and weeks following the birth i notice an emotional rawness that is uncharacteristic. i try to be gentle with myself, embrace it for what it is, then let it go. i don't want any of it to have the opportunity to linger or grow.
personally, i have a Day 3 hormone crash (do you?) i am aware of it and this time was prepared for it. the kids were away at my parents so i had the freedom to bawl (and indeed bawl i did) without traumatising any offspring!
on Day 4 my midwife brought a basket of freshly picked herbs from her garden and that evening i was able to have the most relaxing, pleasant herb bath with our new baby. it was so calming and bonding for both of us that i wanted to share it with you and encourage you to try it also.

what you will need is a nice bunch of freshly picked herbs - (most of these are easily found in your average vege gardens) calendula flowers, comfrey leaves, lavender, rosemary, sage and my midwife also included the lovely smelling lemon verbena. if you have access to them, also add uva ursi and shepherd's purse. 
put them in a delicates laundry bag (or a muslin cloth) and place them directly in the bath. i made the bath a bit hotter and let the herbs steep for half an hour before hopping in. as an added bonus, it made our downstairs smell amazing.

i turned all the bright lights off, grabbed the nekid bebe and jumped in. it was a deep bath and i held him with his body almost vertical so he could truly float around - just like old times! :)
and do you know what? he opened his eyes! for the whole time! (he'd had them firmly scrunched closed since being born) and he was completely relaxed and peaceful.
i didn't stay in there for long as i didn't want to over stimulate the baby (and kill the experience) so we jumped out after only 5-10 minutes. 
but it was so lovely to share such a special first bath. i would really encourage you to try it. 

**already prepared herbs for postpartum sitz baths are available at some herbal shops including The Herbal Shop. also, please consult your midwife before having a bath if you have had stitches or haemorrhaging.

Friday, February 24, 2012

babymoons & birthdays

we have been babymooning and birthday-ing.
it was my birthday yesterday - i officially retain my position as dead last in our birthday season.
which is now officially OVER! (phew~)


(ps. that necklace in the picture top right? 
i WON it!! it is from Darkblack jewellery, and it turned up in the mail on my emotional Day 3 - perfect timing!)

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Monte: Danny~
Danny: what?
Monte: do you remember when the baby was born?
Danny: yeap.
Monte: it was funny eh, because the baby was really grumpy. maybe he donked his head or something.

(birth pics taken by Jodi Bennett, more coming soon...)

Monday, February 20, 2012


it's a boy!

born at home yesterday morning, 12:25am Sunday 19th February weighing 9lb 13oz (4440g)

his skin feels delicious 
and it smells even better.

and now there are five...

our hearts are so full.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

an anniversary embroidery

did you remember we had switched rooms with the kiddos? this is now our new room and i've been getting it nice and nesty for a babymoon.

i did another "over-paint"  - i'm not thrilled with outcome but it'll do until i find something better to put in the frame:

but what i really wanted to show you was this little freestyle embroidery i did. my mum embroidered a {J+D} like this in the most perfect satin stitch on the train of my wedding dress. it was our 13th wedding anniversary on monday and i wanted something  celebrating US on our bedroom wall.

i embroidered one piece of fabric (a doily) onto another piece of fabric (a hankerchief) with these hundreds of little freehand stitches. 
i had envisioned the top fabric "flopping" a bit more than it has so that it would be obvious that the pieces are only joined by the stitching, but it hasn't really. maybe with time...? 
anyway, the concept has potential and i might revisit it once i'm a little less distracted!

oh, and happy THIRTEEEEEEN YEARS to us!!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{wardrobe wednesday} enormous love

i really wasn't going to do {wardrobe wednesday} today - i felt too bulky and clunky and clicky and crampy. but a visit to some op shops and a coffee with a friend made me feel more human, so here i am!
top: glassons
necklace: croutons
skirt: thrifted (just jeans)

it's always a bit risky wearing a white skirt when your waters are about to break - i figured i'd tempt murphy's law a didn't work. ;)


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Monday, February 13, 2012

{the birth notes} the baby moon

(there is some discrepancy over whether a babymoon happens pre-baby or post-baby. in this case, i'm going with post-baby.)

having a home birth doesn't mean missing out on a couple of days post-baby pampering you might get at a birth centre, but it does require a bit of forethought and planning. 
to keep it simple, i've narrowed it down to three basic areas of preparation -  food, shelter, clothing. 
(with the added condition that it be completely indulgent, excessive, restful and luxurious!)

  • {plan your meals} we have an entire 5 day menu - breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks - planned and ready to go. 
  • {luxury food items} for our 5 day menu, we have slowly been stocking up on super-treat foods that we usually wouldn't buy because of cost. we're talking cafe quality muesli and prime cut steaks...
  • {minimum prep} the idea is for most of the food to be ready to go with as little prep as possible. most of our babymoon food prep is limited to turning on the oven or putting a salad together.
  • {ask for meals} instead of gifts from visitors, ask for food. accept any and all offers for baking and meals.

  • {nest} make your nesting area as luxurious as possible. this is the area where you will be doing nothing but fawning about sniffing a newborn neck and curling newborn fingers about your own. most likely, it will be your bedroom. 
  • {bed linen} splash out on brand new, high thread count Egyptian cotton or start collecting gorgeous, good condition thrifted florals. mmmm~~
  • {pillows & cushions} in this case, excess wins over practical for a truly indulgent babymoon. steal your kids pillows and cover them with your fave cases for a few days if you have to and be sure to make a pillow case from your favourite fabric for a breastfeeding pillow.
  • {clear out} get rid of junk in your room - even if it's to another room just for your babymoon. piles of mess are NOT conducive to restful repose. your area must feel pretty and peaceful.  
  • {fresh flowers} hopefully at least one person will bring you a bunch of fresh flowers. failing that, buy or pick your own!

  • {bra} a bra especially for sleeping in/night-nursing isn't essential but is certainly more pleasant when your milk comes in.
  • {post-baby clothes} comfortable for fawning and appropriate for visitors - after Monte was born, i felt so rake-thin compared to having a 42 week pregnant belly that i wore a fairly fitting dress when visitors came. i think i almost made the male-visitor ill! so remember, that although you feel like Mary Kate Olsen, you aren't necessarily.../wink!
  • {underwear} i avoid splashing out on breastfeeding lingerie until sizes have plateaued - my babymoon priority is comfortable but fancy-ish,  dark coloured underwear (yanno why)...we'll get Fancy later ;)

what about the older kiddos? 
stemming from our reasons for having the kids at the birth, we also believe it is important to have the kids around as much as possible to welcome their new sibling during the first week. 
however, when there are 4 of them, we are also realistic in knowing that it probably won't be that relaxing for the postpartum mother and will distract from very important newborn neck sniffing activities.
so, this time (for the first time) my parents will have the kids for 2 nights from Day 2-4 of the babymoon.

and of course, we have only prepared food for 5 days but i have every intention of babymooning (in lessening degrees) for at least 6 weeks after having baby.

have you ever planned your own babymoon?
is there anything i've left out that i should include?


Saturday, February 11, 2012

{baby #5} nearly done!

we're gearing up for a real, actual Birth Day party...

so i thought i'd better catch up (sla-ack!) on my belleh shot while i still have one!

and for comparison::

(my belly ALWAYS has this weird mega-round top half and slanted back lower half.../shrug)

everything is feeling so familiar,
i don't think Baby #5 will keep us waiting like the last 2 have.

but you never know... 


[short shorts} winning knees!

and the winner is...

in his home made short shorts

(Jenny, hopefully i'll get the drawing off to you before i'm Otherwise Distracted!)

thank you SO MUCH to everyone who joined in, it was so exciting to see all those delicious little boy knees (and i'm very relieved no one sent me any pics of their big guys in stubbies as a joke...phew!)


Thursday, February 9, 2012

spontaneity II

summer has finally arrived. 
(and we're not stuck in a classroom!) 

so we took some of the school work, 
and the belly,
to the beach.

(it seemed a little like deja vu)


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{wardrobe wednesday} belly love

my days of nurturing a heartbeat beneath my own are almost over.
and my God knows me so well - because for the first time in approx 201 weeks of pregnancy i actually feel really stinking uncomfortable. if this weren't the case i may just be tempted to cross my legs and stay in this moment forever!!
(ok, maybe not...but kinda...yanno?)

anyway, i DO love a pregnant belly, and i'm wearing one so i've decided it counts as part of this:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{birthday season} JR

this guy.

he's the reason i get to be who i am and do what i do. 
if he was any less than 200% supportive, we'd all fold.

the freedom and joy in the way he loves me and his children is the greatest blessing in my life.

happy birthday boyf.