Thursday, May 31, 2012

dee*luxe dolls & delays

i'd love you to meet some of the dee*luxe dolls I've been slowly working away on! (at various stages of finished-ness!)
because of the great winter escape 2012 i won't be able to release these ladies off into the big, wide world as planned for another few months.
so maybe keep an eye out for them around the beginning of September - and hopefully I will have some more to add to the bunch by then too!
for more updates follow on the the Tiny Eyes facebook page.
also, because of the trip, i won't be taking any custom orders for a bit either but am hoping to have some time (!?) to take a few before Christmas.

thanks so much for your interest, support and patience
~d x

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

100 days

yesterday Sawyer was 100 days old. 
we first learned about the celebration of 'Baek-Il' (100 days) during our pre-baby days in Korea. historically, it's an acknowledgement of survival. but personally, for us, it's an acknowledgement of Sawyer's first year of life (because pregnancy + 100 days is approximately one year on from conception). 
and so, in a way, i like to quietly think of yesterday as being his First Year Day. 
(Danny gave him a kiss. and he gave Danny 8kgs worth of bruising! haha)

last night i read over 3 emails i'd sent to myself at the very start of Sawyer's pregnancy but had never opened and re-read after sending. i found the feelings i wrote about only a few days after i found out we were pregnant, so foreign to how i feel today, a year later, having held Sawyer, kissed him and nursed him, felt his skin and his breath, heard his cry and his giggle, i can say there is truly only joy and gratefulness left.

remember the welcome bunting we hung in the room Sawyer was born in? i made it into a quilt, as intended, in time for his 100th day. i must admit i get a bit sappy when i look at it and remember that journey of our whole family, finally being together.
later that afternoon we went out to my parents' place and were able to share the sun setting on this day. it was perfect.

happy one year of living our treasured no.5

Monday, May 28, 2012

announcing! the great winter escape 2012

so, i told you we had an announcement...
in just two weeks, we will be packing up our little family and moving north for 9 weeks!
allow me to illustrate with a little geography lesson...

the world:

we live in New Zealand which is the little country to the right of Australia:

New Zealand is made up of two large islands (with the very original names of North Island and South Island) and a little guy down the bottom called Stewart Island:

this is the North Island:

and this is where we live. 
and where we're going:

we are going to a tiny little place called Houhora (so tiny it's not even on the map above!!). it will be a 6 hour drive (plus stops) - eek! but looks so totally beautiful

some things you should know:
*it is not so wintery up there *we will be all sleeping in a shed together. (i have decided to emply my imagination and pretend the shed is actually a stationary airstream trailer) *there is no phone coverage where we will be staying *no internet connection either *we have a family of 6 from Florida staying in our home the entire time we're away *

any tips for long-term travel? having house-sitters? (i think i'll clear out my undies drawer, but what else??) what should i absolutely make sure i don't leave behind?
help! we're excited for the adventure and grateful for the opportunity, but kinda freaking out a little too!

Dee x

Saturday, May 26, 2012

{a letter} the deep surrender

to the mother of my children,

they say that in many ways labour prepares you for motherhood.
do you remember that time in labour when you realised you didn't actually need to make any sound but you felt you had to in case JR thought what you were doing was easy and/or painless? and so you kept on moaning and groaning - just so he knew how hard you were working.
here's something interesting, you're still doing it. moaning and groaning  - not because you need to but just to let everyone know how hard you're working.
in your last two labours you surrendered that need for acknowledgement, knowing that peace and calm was more beneficial.
but will you make that surrender now? here? in this place of endless laundry, crumbs, meals and vomit-drenched bed linen? of two-year-old tantrums and newborn cries? of bickering, toilet-training, clutter and toys?

you're afraid that no one will realise you are working. or worse, they will think you don't mind doing all the work you're doing. or worse still, that you won't be appreciated for all the work you do.
isn't that really it? you know and have seen the immeasurable benefit of peace and calm but the fear of not having your hard work acknowledged and appreciated is greater, and so you keep on moaning and groaning.
it's a deep, demanding surrender isn't it.

i know you know which is the better path.
don't be afraid of the hard surrender. of giving up what is temporal for what is eternal.
and if the birthing of your babies prepared you for any of this, you will know that acknowledgement and appreciation borne of peaceful hard work is so much sweeter than that which is wrung from moans and groans.

{i promised to share some of the lessons i have been learning since we've had 5 children. this is one of my hardest - to do the work of a mother with gratitude and joy even if it goes unnoticed and unappreciated. it's HARD! and i'm not there yet...)

Friday, May 25, 2012

(home)school lunches: week 5

as well as including a lot of garlic in meals at the moment to fight off lurgies, i'm also trying to include a lot of raw foods for the same reason. raw foods are also often high in fibre (that makes the food crunchy) which is lost when it is heated (which is why it goes soft when baked). and, being familiar with the texture of raw foods is something i'd like to maintain year round, instead of just in summer salads too.
so this is what we had one day this week 
it's pretty self-explanatory but i used cream cheese (white bean spread or hummus would be yummier), spinach leaves, crushed pineapple, grated carrot and cheese.
and a bit of peanut butter in celery is always a treat isn't it?
the kids actually squealed and clapped their hands over this lunch!
(although i have fairly reliable evidence not everyone ate their raw spinach leaves!)

hope you've all had a lovely week. i have some exciting news to share and a few announcey-thingies to make so hopefully i'll find time to share it all SOON!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{wardrobe wednesday} 70s dress::then and now

this month i have been remixing some WW outfits from when i was pregnant...


a few things:
1. i trimmed my fringe at last. thing, my roots. (it's trendy right. right?)
3. while we're talking about hair - it is falling out in fistfuls. it always does after i have a baby. it pretty much drives me insane so i keep it tied up. my shoulders looked like a hairy mammoth after letting it down for these pics. i really miss wearing it out.
4. i'm still not sure about including that last pic. i hope no one sprays their coffee while reading. for fear of causing coffee-spray, i removed it, ha ;)

linking in here:

Monday, May 21, 2012

{sawyer's seat} 3 months

look who's back in the hot seat!

this guy - so patient and chill. so generous with his smile. he loves to be tickled and prefers to be held facing out. he still spills a lot, but less now than before. and he enjoys a good yarn at the end of the day.

this fat, alabaster babe with Inuit eyes has completely stolen our hearts.

Friday, May 18, 2012

{restyle} combo dress

when i'm op shopping i tend to be drawn to parts of clothes - details, prints, fabrics - but rarely do i find something i like the whole of without feeling the need to tweak or snip! and so, often i'll combine parts of clothes to make one new item.
 in this case, i liked the detailing on the red top, but as i am currently sporting the uber-sturdy maternity bra strap (see above, sigh) i knew i'd never wear it with such thin straps. i liked the fabric of the skirt also, but because i'm tall it finished at an awkward neither-maxi-nor-midi length. i liked the length when i pulled it up as a strapless though so knew it'd be better (for me) as a dress.
here's a basic look at how i combined the two:
i cut the elastic from the top of the skirt and then following the shape of the discarded piece (see above) i cut the same shape from the top of the skirt. i overlocked it after cutting to hold the lining and outer fabric together.
then i joined the skirt to the trimmed top and reapplied the crochet trim.
i made my thicker straps out of the leftover fabric (see cutting directions above) and i had fantastic plans to make them breastfeeding-friendly by having them unbutton. in theory it works, but i didn't allow enough stretch around the top for the bodice to pull down. /fail. so i think i will just snip the extra length and attach them straight to the bodice. live and learn! :)

have you ever done a combo restyle?
do you thrift clothes for their good bits? or do you only buy if you like the whole thing?
i'd love to hear

Thursday, May 17, 2012

(home)school lunches: week 4

i'm certainly no glam whizz-bang chef. i do old school, fill-yer-belly kinda food. and so, i'm a little embarrassed to share these lunches, but am assuming there must be more like me out there? 
mothers who buy chorizo sausages, freeze them and use them one, or two, at a time over a few months? 
mothers who buy canned baked beans (Pams, no less)? 
mothers who have the staples - cheese, onion, veg - but little else?
surely there is. (i hope)
anyway, it's because i'm no fancy cook that i have no names for my made-up lunches. maybe you could suggest a title??

i add chorizo to almost everything for a bit of flavour, but one child doesn't really like it so i had the genius idea of grating it (i freeze them and use as needed) - it worked! She had no idea it was hiding in there. 
also, at this time of the year, we're eating garlic with as many meals as possible.
i fried the onion and garlic until clear, then added chorizo and zucchini, then beans.
 i folded them into the pita wraps and sprinkled with cheese and tumeric powder for colour.
the kids loved these and they were pretty quick to whip up too.
i think i'm going to have to start making soups for lunch soon. it's getting to be that kind of weather...
previous lunches:

i hope you've all had a lovely week. we've had a bit of vomiting, rain and op shopping...

Monday, May 14, 2012

the mother's day

i hope all you hard working, hard loving mamas had a lovely day yesterday.
there was no whizz-bang for us, but it was nice just having the day off meals honestly (i feel like i spend just as long cleaning up after meals these days as i do preparing them - it's kinda driving me crazy!)
and because i now have 4 sons i am acutely aware of how i treat (include/accept/embrace) my mother-in-law, so we decided to have lunch with JRs parents in Cambridge.
we pretty much took over the cafe and when the kids couldn't sit still a minute longer we moved the 'party' (the kids) outside, where they spent the next 10 minutes running and pushing around this tree.
they stopped long enough for me to snap a pic
4 of 5. 

i've been learning deep, hard lessons about mothering (and myself) since having our 5th. i feel like i've hit a new level (or depth maybe?) in my role and it's been a slow acceptance on my part so far. anyway,i'd love to share more with you one day, when i have a minute to type it all out but until then, a thank you to my mum, JRs mum and all you other precious mums who do the same thing over and over again everyday for your babies. it IS worth it.
guard your legacy fiercely.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

(home)school lunches: week 3

three weeks of really intentional palette-extending lunches and i'm so pleased to tell you it's really working! 

we have chickens so we get a lot of delicious (free) free-range eggs, so one of our lunches this week was a very colourful made-up variation on a filled omelette.
fry onion gently until clear then add the chopped bacon* and fry until cooked. mix together the remaining ingredients and simmer gently until spinach is cooked.
make your omelette as usual.
scoop some mix on the omelette (i halved them for the kiddos) and add some sour cream and cheese for finesse if you like :)
and fold over
the kids LOVED these and they ticked all the boxes. hurrah!

(as an aside, does anyone else have a vege side and a bread side on their chopping boards? i can't stand my morning toast tastin like onion!)
happy lunch making! 

* i buy a large pack of bacon and then freeze them in 3-4 pieces so they are easy to use for meals like this.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

wardrobe wednesday: remixed maternity wear

the theme for Wardrobe Wednesday this month is 'remix'. so i'm remixing my chair, my boots and some clothes i wore when pregnant.
then  - in summer
{hello Sawyer-on-the-inside!}

now - in autumn
cardi - glassons
top - kamikaze store, dress smart outlet
jeans - jeans west
boots - overland footwear
cuff - gift
mandarin sticker - Monte

a cute bow Kristin gave me when she visited on Friday has been helping out in the fringe department, but i really do think it's time i trimmed it. maybe tonight?

there are some cool remixed outfits going on, check them out here:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

recipes wanted!

this is us, everyday, at the moment.
we only have 2 small trees but they are giving us copious, large feijoas.
what do YOU do with your feijoa glut?
please share!